Teaching is reemerging as a popular career option

Teaching is reemerging as an important and increasingly popular career option because of the stability that it offers in these troubled times. Whatever your circumstances, if you’re still at school, about to graduate or looking for a change of direction, there are newer and more varied ways to enter the profession than ever before.

It is common knowledge that higher education faces a massive manpower crunch as far as teachers are concerned, with dozens of vacancies that need to be filled – many of them at premier institutions like the Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) and the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs). In fact, newspaper reports indicate that during the economic downturn, the industry’s loss is turning out to be academia’s gain. Several universities (both from India and abroad), looking for qualified faculty members, have made a beeline for Institutions like the IITs, and are offering a handsome remuneration to PhD and master’s students for various teaching assignments . It is not that these Institutes never came to us before. But they were never talked about, since students chose lucrative corporate offers. This year things are turning out to be rather different.

It is natural to see bright, qualified students opting to teach during recession, especially when teaching assignments are prestigious and lucrative. It is too early to predict whether it is a passing phase, or a trend that is here to stay. A teaching career has to eventually evolve from a mere profession or vocation into a calling. Therefore, youngsters with an appetite for the corporate world may move on, while those with the drive, ambition and aptitude for teaching, will stay on.

Once faculty members, who are genuinely interested and have a passion for teaching, experience the readiness and interaction with students they will want to pursue teaching forever. There are many instances of people who have ventured into the corporate world and braved a part of academia, which has ultimately becomes the meaning of their lives.

With ‘One day, all children will attain an excellent education as its aim, the Teach For India (TEI) campaign is gaining more attention than most thought it would. The campaign aims to narrow the educational gap in India by placing India’s most outstanding college graduates and young professionals in low income schools for two years. It is realized that the complexities in the educational sector required the best brains to make a difference.

Students in their final year of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, as well as young professionals working full-time are encouraged to apply for the TFI fellowship that will also fetch you a decent stipend (somewhere between Rs 15,000 to Rs 22,000). You can visit www.teachforindia.org for details on eligibility criteria, to give your teaching career a flying start.

Quiz any young teacher on why he or she chose to take up teaching as a full time career, and it is apparent that job satisfaction wins the maximum number of votes. Working with children as a teacher is challenging along with being fun. Ms.S took up teaching after dabbling in a lot of other things like content writing and working as a research fellow, and now, has safely concluded that teaching is a very special profession since it makes you feel blessed.

For teachers learning and teaching become a complementary process. Bright students from disciplines like management and engineering can choose as a profession and give back to society and their alma mater, apart of what they have gained, and at the same time, enjoy the satisfaction and stability that the profession offers.