Employee and customer satisfaction are leading indicators

Organizations need to gauge employees’ engagement levels. And this is only possible through regular and periodic employee satisfaction surveys.

While most firms lay emphasis on financial performance, as an indication of success, it is actually a lagging indicator of the business. On the other hand, parameters like employee and customer satisfaction are leading indicators for the business as it prepares the firm for future. In today’s high technology driven firms like ours, are the key asset at the end of the day. Thus, assessing their engagement and satisfaction is necessary.

The aim behind mapping employee engagement and satisfaction is the overall improvement in productivity index and reduction in grievances. This in-turn leads to better organizational health and performance. As the employee satisfaction increases, the business goes higher.

It gives periodic information that allows the managers to work out action plans for their teams as well as for the organization.

Most organizations these days realize the fact that continuous feedback from the employees results in better productivity and retention. It is essential to know your employees well as the success of any organization entirely depends on the satisfaction level of the employees.

The parameters that firms usually assess employee satisfaction by various surveys, opinion polls, and focus group discussions. On collation of feedback from each medium, they derive the overt as well as the underlying current of overall employee behavior. This firm has many initiatives in this area. This includes an annual, third party employee satisfaction survey conducted by consultants, which purely focuses on areas like general work satisfaction work-life balance, training and development and career progression of employees, grooming by superiors in the organizations, and the overall work culture. This is also a platform which enables them to send their suggestions for bettering a process or system.

Some of the tangible ways that Intelnet deploys to ensure employee satisfaction include employee satisfaction survey and employee listening initiatives. As a part of this survey certain parameters are tracked to measure employee satisfaction such as perception of organizational leadership quality of work life, compensation, training, performance and career appraisal.

Whatever the route that the organizations decide to take, most progressive employers believe that gauging employee satisfaction allows them to be proactive and this is a critical advantage in the talent market.

For employees:

The current economic crisis is making you a wee bit insecure. You could be worried about getting laid off, not getting a raise or even how your firm is actually faring. So, if you’re absolutely blank and have no idea what to do in times of recession, here is some help you.

Excellent networking could be a boon for you in such times. Take some time. Take some time out to attend business events, parties, exhibitions, seminars etc. This way you will build contacts with peers, prospective employers and ex-colleagues, who may be able to provide you with contacts and support when you need it.

This is also a great time to catch up with all those ex-colleagues, you haven’t met since ages. You never know, they might be working with bigger firms that are faring better in this period. So, it is a good idea to meet up with them and find out whether they have openings in their companies and also ask them for references or contacts.

Try and stay abreast of all the industry news. Subscribe to various newspapers, journals, and online media to stay updated. This will open up different horizons for you.

Stay away from gossip and rumor mongers or it will affect your morale. The rumor mill is very active during difficult times. Moreover, rumors spread negative vibes. So, just stay away from gossip mongers and look at ways to optimize your productivity.

Don’t get into a negative mode by bitching, evading responsibility or getting indifferent about your work. Try and cooperate as much as possible with your team members and superiors. An upbeat approach will do you a world of good.

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