Balancing act between two jobs

In today’s times, when money is scarce in the market, a supplementary source of income is definitely a welcome shower for any of us. Money is tight and in a scene where everyone’s getting laid off, a second job or a hobby converted into a source of income can actually help one feel good.

There are many young people today who are doing the balancing act between jobs to keep themselves bus as well as earn that two bit extra pence. But managing a fulltime job plus another supplementary one can get quite tough if you are not organized. You have to get your priorities right. Ms.T teaches in the mornings and in the evenings and manages her chocolate orders and home.

HR managers also feel that sometimes its good to have a supplementary income especially in times of recession.

Many times when people are hired, HR ensures to put in a clause in their contract saying that they can’t work with anyone else. But in today’s scenario a second job seems like a boon. People who are able to manage two jobs are good at multi tasking. And there is a lot of demand for candidates who are good at multitasking.

Companies are also quite supportive of employees pursuing a second job as long as it is not direct competition. Ms.T’s company knows that she teaches in the evenings and they don’t mind it. She ensures that her students are selective and cooperative with any time flexibilities just in case she needs to stay back at work. So it’s all well planned.

A bit of hard work does go a long way to help you save more or even develop yourself better in an area or activity that is totally different from your profession. Pursuing a second job actually has a lot of benefits:

Mr.AD saves his whole salary every month, who works with an ad agency and writes for various publication houses during week ends. He always try to keep his expenses limited to what he earns through writing instead of spending money from the salary of media planning job. And in case he wants to spend more money or splurge on clothes in a sale, he takes up a couple of projects more.

Extra income also helps you save up a rainy day. For instance, who works in a finance company saved money through teaching in schools during her spare time, and this helped her in the time of need.

In today’s times of recession, a second source of income is a source of security. No job is secure today. And having another source of income is good because then you have a job even if you lose one. The extra income is good for supporting the family. We are anyway meeting the basic needs of our children and family. And the extra income helps suffice for fulfilling our secondary needs as well.

Turning you hobby into a source of income is a very good idea as it also acts as a stress buster while giving you easy dough. Mr.P has been taking guitar classes since he was a teenager. It was a hobby as music interested him. And he learnt more while teaching. It feels good that he teaches even people who are older than him.

Many times in life we do not get to do what we like doing. And it’s a great idea to pursue a second career of your choice even if it does not give you sufficient income. Ms.B always wanted to have a business of her own and be self occupied. He has been working as an Avon representative for the past 10 years, apart from pursing her regular job. Avon has helped her a lot in this. She has been pretty open about this to the company she works for, as they are aware of her being and Avon rep. They are very encouraging as far as she does not neglect her work responsibilities.