Be Irreplaceable not to lose your job

During the unprecedented times that we live in, retaining one’s job seems to be a big challenge. Listed down are five basic tips that can help you remain secure.

Over the past few months, lay offs have become the norm of the day. Every day we hear stories of employees being handed the pink slip. While all of us put in our best, during such trying times it becomes essential to go that extra mile to ensure that your name doesn’t appear in the dreaded list of fired employees. Here is a list of things you could consider to track your way to the ‘safe’ zone:

Be Irreplaceable:

While most people would look at being irreplaceable in a negative light, sometimes it yields positive results. So how does one become irreplaceable? Being irreplaceable would mean building a level of trust confidence among seniors as well as co-workers. Often you have to become their pillar of support.

Today, the management is scanning your performance for that small error that can be cited as the reason for pulling you out. So there is no scope for any kind of loopholes. Ensure that your deliverables are nothing short of perfect and up to the mark. Each time you falter in your performance, you are moving one step towards the pink slip. So be wanted and do not let any kind of distractions take a toll on your performance stay focused.

Ensure that everything you do is put on record. It is the only thing that will come to your rescue in case you are in trouble. If you are asked to justify your presence in the team, no matter much your senior backs you, you have to present hard core proofs. So ensure that you document even your smallest achievements. It may sound trivial to do such things, but it is very crucial during such times because the moment you validate your stand with essential proofs, you are on safe grounds.

Be professional:

Befriending your colleagues is definitely a good idea but remember that your workplace is not a hang out zone. Learn to be professional when you are at work. The impression your colleagues develop about you can play a key role in keeping you afloat. Do not appear to be someone who is just lingering around and not adding value to the business of the company. You have to be convincing in terms of your seriousness towards your job. During such difficult times, it becomes mandatory that you put in extra effort to identify yourself as a valuable asset to the company business.

Perfect Timing:

The number of hours you log in is one of the several factors that are considered while short listing employees to be laid off. So ensure that you reach your workplace on time and stick around till your complete your login hours. Remember when you are being asked to justify the lack of minimum login hours, you cannot say you were stuck in traffic. Similarly, if you are in office, the management assumes that you are fit to take up your daily responsibilities. So, excuses like being unwell also do not serve the purpose. Avoid unnecessary complications and ensure that you are in office for the required number of hours.

1. Be punctual
2. Build a rapport within the team
3. Stick to deadlines
4. Think before you speak
5. Do not err
6. Be sincere and dedicated
7. Make it evident that you are serious about your job
8. Add value in as many ways as you can
9. Be approachable and available
10. Be a thorough professional.

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