Have right skill sets and education to get the right job

Though the economy is going through a rough patch, the education sector looks quite promising for aspirants. We take a look at the emerging career landscape in this sector.

Education is one of the most important drivers of India’s social and economic development. And this sector appears to be ready for big action. Analysts believe that based on the current and future manpower requirements for various sectors there is a huge demand supply gap in the education space. However, looking at the current economic scenario, the world over, a question that arises here is, how is the education sector faring in the country? This sector is actually looking at the slowdown as an opportunity. With more and more people looking at pursuing higher education and diversifying their skill sets, institutions have a greater talent pool to choose from to admit in their courses.

Talking about the kind of career opportunities and new job roles available, the education sector can offer quite a few value adding programs. These programs can be – domain specific knowledge at process, planning and strategic level; niche and focused skill training – derivatives, IFRS, risk management, project management etc. So what are the skills that would help aspirants grab the best opportunities in the education sector? In terms of qualifications any candidate must have a graduation, professional certification from knowledge societies (e.g. PMI certification for Project Management etc), product certification (SAP, Microsoft), certifications from business associations etc.

Fresh graduates must make themselves unquestionably required for an organization’s profit.

It is now a known fact that to keep abreast in the present scenario and shine through tough competition, it is inevitable for any individual to make sure he/she gets the best education and also masters oneself with the best of skills. Once you are ready, the world is all yours to capture.

Need of the hour:

Experts say that there will be an ongoing need for new skills for employees and aspirants.

According to industry experts, the coming year will see a growth of various job profiles. Though the old skills will still be of prime importance to aspirations and employees, they say that it will become imperative for them to be well versed with various other skills too.

With the project sizes increasing by almost ten fold and more automation coming in, it will be imperative for job aspirants to acquire the next higher level skills i.e. the skills essential to control risks associated with such large projects, skills required for construction management, project management and program management as opposed to mere construction management. Planning accurate budgeting and use of time tested tools will be critical to get a quick handle of the rapidly changing project environment.

Organizations would expect increased deliverables, high degree of change orientation, commercial acumen and strategic thinking. Employees would also be asked to perform more than one task.

Experts say that engineers will have to acquire financial and systems knowledge, cost control skills – innovative approaches to monitor costs and continuously work to reduce costs. The new age employee will have to be a superior manager and acquire skills like talent management, expectations management, ability to mentor and coach for superior performance. They further add that employees should be functional experts, and at the same time possess general operational and management skills. Employees must re-skill themselves in order to grasp more and also should work like an entrepreneur to shoulder more responsibilities.

The industry will continue its steadfast progress towards increased level of efficiency and productivity. Several changes in skill sets and perhaps mindsets will be required. So, if you feel that you have the right skill sets to get the right job, this is the perfect time to re-think your moves.