Training aids and advantages – Employee training


Films, Slides, Projectors, Movies, Stills
Charts, Graphs, Flash Cards, Flannel Boards, Pictograms
Pamphlets, Brochures, Handbooks, Manuals
Libraries and Reading Rooms
Teaching Machines, Closed Circuit TV.
Exhibits ,Posters and Displays.
Notice Boards, Bulletin Boards, Enlarged Drawings.
Cartoons, Comic Books, Books.

Follow –up

The final step in most training procedures is that of follow-up .When people are involved in any problem or procedure,it is unwise to assume that things are always constant.Follow-up can be adopted to a variable reinforcement schedule in the discussion of learning principles .The follow-up system should provide feed-back on training effectiveness and on total value of training system shown below

Advantages of Training

The contribution of imparting training to a company should be readily apparent .The major values are:

1. Increased Productivity: An increase in skill usually results in an increment in both quality and quantity of output. However, the increasingly technical nature of modern jobs demands systematic training to make possible even minimum levels of accomplishment.

2. Heightened Morale: Possession of needed skills help to meet such basic human needs as security and ego satisfaction .Collaborate personnel and human relations programs can make a contribution toward morale ,but they are hollow shells if there is no solid core of meaningful work down with knowledge , skill and pride

3. Reduced Supervision The trained employee is one who can perform with limited supervision. Both employee and supervisor want less supervision but greater independence is not possible unless the employee is adequately trained.

4. Reduced Accidents: More accidents are caused by deficiencies in people than by deficiencies in equipment and working conditions. Proper training in both job skills and safety attitudes should contribute toward a reduction in the accident rate.

5. Increased Organizational Stability: The ability of an organization to sustain its effectiveness despite the loss of key personnel , can be developed only through creation of a reservoir of employees. Flexibility , the ability to adjust to short-run variations in the volume of work requires personnel with multiple skills to permit their transfer to jobs where the demand is highest.

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