Intelligence Organizational balance and Analysis

The three issues of intelligence, organizational balance and analysis are primarily analytical, rational, systematically oriented activities. On the other hand, the three issues of innovation, pro-activity and risk taking: are primarily holistic, intuitive-oriented activities the relationship between the analytical and intuitive issues is an interactive one.

James, a manager on the other hand asserts:

No battle for market share yet been won by a formula or a computer they have been won in the final analysis by hard fighting and by the practical hands-on experience of an executive who is able to make the intuitively right decisions at the right place at the right time.

Similarly, Ohmae, a Japanese management consultant, has written about ‘intuitive grasp’ idiosyncratic mode of thinking, ‘instinctive strategist’ and the like. Yet none of these writers has anything to offer as a means for developing this flair. Even Ohmae, who says that ‘habits of mind’ and ‘modes of thinking’ for creative powers can be acquired, has only analytical recipes to offer.

The ultimate source, according to Indian thought, of all the three categories of powers an individual possesses in varying measures – the Supreme Energy. This is also known by other phrases like the Transcendental Power, the Cosmic Energy, the Universal Creative Intelligence and so on. Most modern, secular minded intellectuals tend to dismiss such phrases as dogma. But this posture is unwarranted, and only reveals the folly of rejecting whatever our ordinary mind or intellect cannot grasp. However, Einstein’s theory of relativity, for example, cannot be rejected even if most of us cannot understand it. The plea in its favor is that the theory of relativity is scientifically provable. Similarly, it may be submitted that ideas like Supreme Energy can and have also been ‘scientifically’ proved by those who have willed to carry out the prescribed ‘scientific’ search that is sadhana. In fact, it is the great scientific truths which we accept on faith because as individuals, we just do not have the means or the ability top prove them to ourselves. On the contrary, it is the supreme psychological truths of true’ ‘self’, intuitive grasp, and the like which each individual can prove to himself or herself, and not merely accept on faith.

Measured by the size and the time of the universe the significance of empirical man shrinks to nothingness. Instead of serving the individual Being from Universal Existence one must realize that they are intrinsically linked up

With some self discipline, which every manager should be capable of, for the stakes are indeed immense, this snapped link between his finite powers of willing, thinking, and perceiving and their infinite, cosmic fountainhead could be revived. While saying this we are certainly not treating Indian managers as a gullible lot. Quite a large number of managers in the West and in Japan have been for sometime seriously practicing various methods which prepare them for this vital connexion. No extraordinary genius is required to set out on this path. Each one of us can commence the journey almost immediately. The only requirement is to overcome the stubborn resistance of our pretentious egos. Lord Krishna, appreciating the emotional tendencies of the average man, makes the process more practical by personalizing it when he proclaims in the Geeta: Therefore at all times remember me and fight. This ‘me’ personifies the Supreme Power or Energy. Remember me means remaining always conscious of the presence of this Power or Energy within us. ‘Fight’ is a generic term for all work processes. Yoga is, correctly speaking this process of maintaining a constant consciousness of and union with this Supreme Energy or Power within us.

One point, however, should be made very clear at this stage. By stressing the need to lower the level of intellectual resistance, we do not imply that managers have to become a de-intellectual lot. The idea is to use our present intellectual and mental faculties to give them a higher turn and thus make them more finely tuned towards insights and creativity. Credulous fools can scarcely achieve such aims. Reaching out for a contact or yoga with the Supreme Creative Intelligence will need to start with out intellect and mind as they are. But the working hypothesis has to be: there is a missing link presently between them and their fountainhead and this has to be restored through scientific and persistent discipline.

What is the practical aim of this discipline? It is ‘concentration’. It is with the help of a strong will and discriminating intellect that one has to slowly gain control of the ceaseless, mechanical, grinding mutations of the mind stuff.

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