Improvement Points for essential Filing Reorganization Systems

Improvement Point 1: The “Reorganization” system for grouping daily use papers into categories

1. Divide papers into necessary and unnecessary, categories necessary according to paper filing constitution and assign each a file number.
2. Mark daily use papers with the numbers of related documents and filing in file folders (which are labeled with file numbers) according to the file numbers of the paper filing procedure (system) so that when one paper is pulled out, related papers can be retrieved along with it.
3. The shape and number of file folders can be adjusted according to the size and amount of papers.

This pillar is the “main system” of the new method for this example. The other three pillars will act to support this one, as subsystems.

Main improvement points for paper filing constitution

1. The smallest group will be numbered as one file.
2. The file number is made up of four digits. The first two digits represents the largest group, the second digit the middle group, and the third digit the smallest group.
3. To begin reorganizing an inventory is taken of all papers, unnecessary ones are taken from the files, and the necessary ones are grouped and reorganized according to work flow, importance, and ease of handling.
4. After the grouping and completion of the constitution, of through unnecessary papers again and throw out items will be used no longer.

Title —————————————
Content ———————————-
Name of Section storing document ——————-
Present file title —————————-

5. The procedure will be (1) the standard for grouping papers into necessary and unnecessary, (2) the index used when a document is taken from the files, and (3) the index for the content of a filing cabinet. This is vital standard, so it should be updated if there are any changes in operations policy.

Improvement points for making a detailed label of paper storage expiry dates

1. The purpose of this detailed label is to be of use when looking for related documents by the number. In addition, one can tell by looking at the number, what sort of work it is used for. With this, it is possible for clerical workers to change their attitude from one in which they only move when asked to, to one in which they only move when asked to, to one in which they can take the initiative.
2. The detailed chart is made up using them appear filing constitution and paper storage survey cards.

Improvement points for central filing system

1. All papers which concern all the sections in the Materials Department, and related papers are to be integrated.
2. Papers that only deal with a particular section are to be filed in the integrated file under that section’s heading, and be filed with its own number linking it to related files. The name of the section will also appear in the paper filing system.
3. Those in charge of the files will be located in the center of the department with those, in-charge of files for each section, around them.
4. Those in charge of the files will not only file and retrieve papers, but also maintain the organization (content a format). Their main work will be to do file “reorganization”.

Automatic “Reorganization” steps to be taken after filing “Reorganization” new system is completed

Sharma made the following plan for “reorganization” steps to be taken after completion of the improvements made according to the new system for issuing and receiving papers, making regular inventory checks and inventory etc., according to the spirit of improvement.

Issuing and Receiving Papers:

1. When papers are issued and received and there is a need to file them, a file number will be assigned according to the filing constitution, and storage survey card will be made up. The month it is used will be entered.
2. The person in-charge will then make a chart from these survey cards, listing the length of period the papers must be kept.

It is to be noted that the above system is more applicable for highly confidential documents required in hard copies. Where computer can be used for routine documents the system is obsolete.