Recession, lighter side and Punctuality

Companies today are using recession as an excuse for everything under the sun. From getting rid of unproductive employees to abolishing the concept of office parties, from reducing your mobile allowance to giving you more responsibilities to handle. So much so, that if your boss hurts his toe tomorrow, he might just blame it on recession. Guys, it is time you had some fun too. You can effectively use recession rumors to get back at a colleague. Here is how:

Get talking about a certain someone from your office who s/he doesn’t know well enough to approach and how s/he has got a 30 percent pay cut. Say that the HR is making a list of employees whose salary can be cut. Repeat prank # 1.

When s/he is out for lunch, open on his computer. Make sure you plant a few colleagues around his/her desk to say ‘haw…’ when s/he he sees it.

Send him/her a random, encouraging mail saying that losing a job is not the end of the world. There still are some companies hiring even though there are thousands out there vying for jobs.

When s/he is around people, call him up from an unfamiliar number and ask him /her whether s/he was fired in his/her previous job. Grill him/her on the same asking for proof, reference numbers of former employers etc. Irritate him /her as much as you can.

Leave aside pranks and coming to serious business of work environment in addition to work related performance there is also some basic discipline to follow that too strictly so as to not to give your employer an opportunity to use the ‘discipline’ pretext to stagnate your pay or ask you to leave. One of the foremost reasons is punctuality where flexi time is not applicable

How to be punctual in spite of personal obstacles?

It is always important to be on to work. Today it is even more important since your HR is only looking for excuses to give you the pink slip. Coming early to work or being punctual is a sure fire way of building a good reputation. So guys, its worth taking some effort to be punctual to work. Here are some tips to help you:

You can set your clock, wristwatch and mobile fifteen minutes fast. This will help you speed up if you are prone to being lethargic while getting dressed for work or having your breakfast. Most working people adopt this method to get some extra time.

Its easier to follow a routine when someone close to you also does the same. Make it a point to travel with your favorite colleague or friend to work (if both of you live and work close by). However, make sure that person is an early bird too. In this way, you can be punctual as well as enjoy some good company.

Travel Right:

Change your bus or train timing. Take one that comes ten minutes earlier then your present one. Just do this simple thing and you will be punctual always. Even if you happen to miss that train/bus you will still be on time.

If you start early and often end up getting late because of train delays, traffic jams and other unforeseen problems, it’s best to start from home half an hour earlier. By doing this, you can always think of some alternative route while you are traveling.

One of the main reasons while most of us end up getting late is lethargy. We lack the enthuse to swing into action. Try playing some catchy music, doing some exercise, walking our pet or indulging in some other favorite activity. This will keep you upbeat and raring to go to work.

Get organized:

Many of us spend 15 minutes before our closet deciding what to wear to work. So, it would be of great help if you planned your wardrobe and accessories the night before. Arranging your briefcase/folder beforehand is also a smart idea.

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