Motivation should be developed as an attitude

Whenever we start something new – a new project, job or assignment, usually we all are enthusiastic about what we are doing. So we work really hard to create it. But slowly as time passes, people have the tendency to mellow down and end up becoming a bit slack about their work. This is because people have started getting used to what they do and then there is no more enthusiasm left. But, while working in an organization, it is important to keep the momentum up to be a super performer at all times. So, how do we keep the steam going? Does motivation solely lie on the leader’s shoulders to motivate the team?

Motivation is not like a daily dose of medicine. It is a matter of each person’s attitude. If you are thinking long term, you must ensure that your goal is clearly a matter of personal achievement. Motivating oneself is not seasonal. Just because we are now in a recession economy does not mean you should be negative. Motivation should be developed as an attitude.

So what should you do to keep yourself motivated, alert and kicking? Here are some pointers:

It is important to be connected with successful and motivated people. For instance, your immediate supervisor plays an important role here. As young people you can look up to your boss for motivation based on the quality of his guidance. It has the power to shape your initial experiences in your job. Successful people have the power to charge the environment they are in and this well to get you started.

Though very mundane, it’s a nice idea to keep a record of all your achievements. It can do wonders for your performance. One can write down tasks for the day in a daily diary and tick it off as he/she completes them. This makes the individual feel good at the end of the day as he/she knows how much work is completed. Maintaining this kind of record is also useful during your performance appraisal as you can easily find out the list of things you do daily, plus the extra responsibilities that you have taken up.

It is necessary that you set goals for yourself and ensure that you achieve them individually. If you are not seeking to add value, you are not aspiring to grow. You cannot concede to become status quo. That is both unnatural and not conducive to personal well being. In growth, you are thriving, learning and changing. In order to change continually, you must learn. A responsible risk taking mentality and trust are the two factors necessary for growth. In an environment of gossip and malice there is only negativity and mistrust. With these two elements, one cannot manage to even think of motivation let alone practice it. So if you have your personal goals in place and want to achieve them, irrespective of the market scenario, and the people around you, you will succeed.

It is important to be proactive with learning. At least once a month, learn something new – a skill, knowledge or a new perspective. Every once a quarter, it is nice to do a new task. Doing something different and new keeps you charged up to face challenges. Also you learn various things outside of just your regular job at work. You can even offer to help out with something in other departments to increase your knowledge. This might also earn you the respect of people from other departments.

Negativity or pessimism will only make you feel low. Take a personal pledge never to be negative in any situation. Believe in yourself. Its important to believe that good people always have a job. Growth may come slowly but pay packets will get rationalized only over a period of time. A positive person always radiates positivity and thus motivates not just himself but also others around him. Companies usually look out for positive and self motivated people.

Meditation helps calm the mind and think rationally while exercise keeps the mind active. Both of this is important to keep you going. A few minutes of meditation daily, and an extended walk or jog down your alley can go a long way in keeping you way ahead of others.