Team work and Interview innovative techniques

Basketball might not be India’s favorite sport, but there certainly are many professional lessons we can draw from it. We caught up with Shawn Bradley, a retired NBA heavyweight who was visiting India recently as part of the Marriott Children’s Home at Rising Star Outreach program to find out what office and basketball had in common:

How do you become a good team person?
One part of being a good team member is being willing to learn from others. Realizing that there are many ‘right’ ways to do same thing will make a team stranger. Serving others is also a great way of building strength within a team.

How do you keep your morale high during a trying situation?
Whenever I was in a crunch, I would look inward and ask myself two questions:
1. Have I worked hard enough?
2. What can I do to get better?

I knew that if I gave a 100 percent and was still left out, I could live it and then maybe figure out something to do to become better.

How do you devise on the spot strategies and think on the feet?
Preparing for every conceivable outcome before it happens can certainly help. Becoming expert in a couple of areas, and proficient in several of them, will help prepare for on the spot decisions.

How do you stay focused on the job at hand?
Staying focused is certainly a challenge, but necessary for success. One great way of staying focused is to choose something you enjoy doing.

With the above back ground selecting an employee or team member need Innovative interview techniques outlined below:

Innovative interview techniques help us to bring out the strengths of the individual. We do not believe in putting the candidate into a reactive situation, as it does not facilitate a proactive process. There are cases where an interviwer had used real life business scenarios which required the candidates to formulate plans to address the situation within a short time span. This provides an opportunity to assess the situational leadership ability and his/her analytical, communication and interpersonal skills. He has also witnessed situations where the prospective candidates are made to participate in conferences and some have even gone to the extent of making the candidates meet the customers/business partners.

At Escort Group of Companies, in case of senior level recruitment, the approach is dialogue and discussion based evaluation wherein the candidate is given a brief in advance about the company’s present and future plans and the challenges ahead and he / she is asked to make a presentation in front of a panel consisting of the board of management. This gives an opportunity to both the parties to understand each other in the light of business priorities and expectations from the position. In addition, they also use random stimulation method. The idea in this case is to check the ability of the candidate to use any information constructively. Questions on re-designing of common items like umbrella, chair, clock etc to assess the ability to shift from structured thinking to unstructured thinking and ultimately reaching to a meaningful conclusion are asked. The other technique used is the sharing of psychometric test results (in selective cases). In normal course, the psychometric test reports are not shared with the candidate. Sharing helps candidates to discover ‘something unique’ about themselves including some aspect of their personality which might have undergone change over period of time. The job landscape will continue to evolve and candidates need to be ready for it.