When things go wrong at work ….

If and when things have to go wrong, they will. But that doesn’t mean you give up in life and consider your self a looser. At this point of time you only have two options (1) To feel miserable and disappointed at work or (2) Have a positive attitude and move ahead. If you choose option 2, a positive attitude will definitely help you fight problems and do a better job at work. We tell you how to do that so that you deal with work related problems in a better way.

You seriously need a break. Take a week’s leave and head off to your favorite getaway. But make sure you keep your mind off the things that are just not under your control. Read books, go shopping, listen to music that uplifts your mood, etc. Keep yourself busy, so that you do not keep thinking about all the office problems. Remember, you are on a holiday.

Be positive:
Do not ruin your mood by thinking about all the negative things that have happened to you in the past, instead focus on the positive things in your work life, such as your past achievements or your future plans. But please avoid thinking about why things went wrong in the past and why things never work out in your case. Instead, plan new things and see how you can make your new plans work.

Initiate new projects. Divert your mind towards new initiatives and work to make them successful. This will not just allow you to take your mind off the previous failures but will also help you plan better for new ventures and projects.

Enroll for a course that can help you improve your skills or even your personality. This will help you take your mind off the previous failures and help you develop new skills and gain confidence to update your skills.

Satisfied employees are more productive, work more diligently and enhance the organization’s brand value. Satisfied employees demonstrate commitment to service with every customer/client. Pessimistic employees, on the other hand, work to the advantage of your competition while on your payroll. They are usually depressed and transmit these emotions not only to fellow colleagues but also to the clients/ customers.

Considering the current market scenario, it’s important to not just stay put in your job and perform, but also to stay positive and learn to cope. The current economic slowdown is indeed de-motivating for many. For instance, a BPO worker says “Last year I did not get a promotion and a good raise because my boss quit just before my appraisal. My equation with my new boss was not very great, and he gave me an average rating as he did not know me well as a performer. Now, despite the fact that I have done well, the company may not consider promotions/pay revisions. So although I deserve a good hike, I may not get it!”

Now, such instances are common at workplace. There can be various factors contributing to negativity. Lack of clear goals, unfair treatment, unhealthy rapport with the boss are all factors that make an employee develop negative feelings.

Lack of awareness and insecurity results in apprehension; this in turn can lead to negative thoughts. It is the duty of the manager to keep his/her team charged with positive energy. So, what is expected of managers to pep up their team?

Set clear directions for the team and be fair in the treatment of employees. Managers should also set examples through their own behavior.

For example, there was a team member, who was not being promoted or recognized. He worked in the same position for almost ten years; he had reconciled to himself that he was not going to grow and that he was being tolerated. Then his boss started giving him responsibilities and reinforced his trust in him. The more he delivered, the more he got. The boss changed the trust quotient, and consequently the attitude of the team member also changed. The team member now heads the Admin team in another organization.