The Five Pillars of the reorganization System

Mr.J explained to his superior the reasons why the guidance manual and organization charts were not being utilized, according to his findings. His superior commended him that J had done a good research job while especially agreeing with J’s cause analysis. Usually, we would only consider improving the sheets and charts themselves. Here we see that we should adopt a policy for changing the whole system. He gave J directions to go ahead. Next, J set the five pillars that would be the improvement concepts of the reorganization method for the guidance manual and organization charts.

1. Establish a structure for grouping, categorizing, and reorganizing the guidance manual and organization charts, then follow through. For this, set up reorganization standards for grouping.
2. Designate divisions and assign reorganization number for the storage racks. Coordinate the numbers of the guidance manual and organization charts and store them so that the organization chart and the corresponding guidance sheet can be located easily.
3. Make a list of the guidance sheets and store them in order of their group reorganization number. Organization chart is then made up in coordination with this, and organized. The list of guidance manual is made according to production line charts and process planning charts.
4. Revise methods of use and units of guidance manual so that they can be used by workers.
5. Revise format and methods of organization chart so that man hour adjustments can be made, production goals can be met, and work rhythm.

Process Planning Chart:
This is a chart that show process into elemental operation units or motion units and express order of operations, full working time. Operations order, possibilities of interchanges and peculiar and common characteristics of product processing.

Reorganization System Improvements for Guidance Manual and Organization Charts and Reorganization Steps to be taken after Improvements are made.

J with the cooperation of his superior, designed the main improvements points for the five pillars, and wrote them up in a proposal as follows:

Grouping and categorizing Reorganization system improvements

This system is to be the main pillar for improvements. The other four pillars will act as supports for the realization of their system and its positive effects.

1. The guidance manual and organization chart will, as verified by the grouping Reorganization standards make categorized groupings of destruction, revision, individual orders, continuations, and discontinuation. Items to be destroyed and improved will be taken from the Reorganization racks and handled separately. Individual orders, continuations, and discontinuations will be put in assigned rack slots.
2. Guidance manual and organization charts which are handled separately will have a person in charge and a limit set, and be processed according to improvement processing standards.

Improvements on Reorganization storage racks:

1. Reorganization division numbers are assigned to the slots in the storage racks according to reorganization division number standards.
2. Each guidance manual in the guidance list is numbered with “reorganization” division numbers, and should be put in the slot with the same number.

Improvement of the guidance manual list:

1. The guidance manual list is to be used for assigning manual numbers to rack slots and as an index for looking for a particular guidance manual or organization chart.
2. The guidance manual list and a separately written up manual for making up new guidance manual and organization charts are to be placed in plastic cases and kept in the storage rack so that anybody at anytime can use them for making up new manual and charts.

Improvement of units of guidance manual:

1. The current operation units used in guidance manuals will be divided into two or three units and one guidance manual written.
2. A standard time of one person per product will be decided so that when the production level decreases, the standard time will be production time figure from the production level, and this will be indicated in the organization chart.
3. The responsibility for writing revising and storing the guidance manual will be taken by the group leaders (i.e. J’s superior).
4. The size of the forms will be set at A4.
5. The day before operations, the organization chart will be handed over to workers, so that they can become familiar with them.

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