Innovative training tools

The best part of this initiative is the fact that the module is given to the employees without any monitoring and intervention.

While employer boasts of training the employees and investing time and effort, only the smarter ones who use innovative training tools reap the real benefits.

Training your employees, no doubt is imperative for organizational growth and performance. But what is more important is how you train them. More often than not, employees view training as a mundane chore and thus, there is not much learning, unless the employer devises an out of the box, unique method to train the employees. However, the smarter ones have seen a clear advantage of having unconventional form of training and are proactively adopting such training methods.

Development Credit Bank among the many organizations where the employees are exposed to different forms of training, like the use of customized sales videos created in house with the employees demonstrating the correct sales behavior. Similarly we have also created a how not to video for reviewing performance, which is humorous and drives critical inputs in a light hearted manner.

The advantage of using this technique is the fact that strong messages are communicated with subtle sensitization.

Apart from this, they also use simulations with elaborates props which range from cardboards to kites and balloons and eggs to create games and activities. People learn more and faster through games than from lectures. Props and games create a huge buy in to learning as they disarm you completely and open you up for the feedback and self reflection process.

This ensures minimal resistance with regard to the acceptability towards the learning and also the subsequent implementation of change management program. Renaissance is very popular because of the usage of these learning tools and medium. In fact internal people are canvassing the program to their colleagues and bosses bringing about a transformation.

Taurus Asset Management is yet another company which has adopted some unique ways of training for their employees. We are trying to develop an online competency tool where employees would be able to see scores of their competencies using 10 Questions — 10 Competencies grid. For weak areas in competencies, employees can build a development module themselves online.

The development module would encompass reading relevant books, CDs attending training programs in house, MDP courses at B schools, website links etc. Of course superiors / functional head’s approval to attend the programs outside would be required.

The best part of this initiative is the fact that the module is given to the employees without any monitoring and intervention, purely as a self development “do it yourself” kind of tool. Our one time Capex on the module is Rs 15 lakhs and it would be thereafter maintained by internal HR/IT team.

Besides this the company has also tied up with vendors like value-research-online and others to provide daily knowledge nuggets/reports/ news on the industry and schemes performances. Any news pertaining to any mutual fund/AMFI/ Industry published in any newspaper or magazine is sent along with these nuggets to the staff.

The realization of training the employees for better performance is dawning upon most employers today. Whatever the route, employers are leaving no stone unturned in training their employees in the best possible way.

Refer the following advertisement campaign considered as an innovation in the media: ‘Say Condom Aloud’ campaign done for BBC World Service Trust. In a country like India, where anything associated with ‘sex’ is taboo in public. Getting people to say the word ‘Condom’ aloud without any embarrassment was the challenge. The activity started with the ‘Say-CONDOM-Aloud’ campaign aired across TV, radio and cinema halls. In the second leg, the words ‘Kabbadi’ used by the players got replaced with the word ‘Condom’ in the game. And the third leg targeted the consumer’s craze for mobile phone ring tones. The campaign, according to campaign incharge was well-received and as per National Aids Control Organisation of India (NACO), condom sales through government channels grew by 5 million units.