Teamwork and multitasking but different

There are only two ways of having a successful career. One is to have complete knowledge of the what, how and why of your field through the best quality education and the second is to gain unmatched street smart experience in your field that will give you the deepest understanding of the nitty-gritty of the industry.

Today, our executives combine the best of both worlds. They are experienced in handling a vast variety of the most unforeseen situations, applying the best of their knowledge and learning over the years. However, at some point of time, every organization needs something out of the routine, a change, a new direction and a new perception. Fast growing entrepreneurial organizations all the more, need employees who can regularly demonstrate entrepreneurial characteristics.

A director sales On-Stage Retail Ventures, is only 23 and last year he refused to join his job placement in a leading IT company. He says he looks it up as a summer job and before he knew he was working with On-Stage fulltime managing their sales, stocks and even accounts. Sometimes you have to move out of your comfort zone and a secure life in order to achieve something bigger. At On-Stage, they are a small team with loads of energy, teamwork and multitasking. His young team is always up on their feet working late hours even after the stores have closed down, holding meetings and providing a strategic direction tot heir work.

Today’s organizations are competitive and call for active participation of the employees. Many start-ups and even established organizations today look to hire entrepreneurial employees, who can take initiative handle and support change as also operate effectively in an environment of risk. Along with offering opportunities for growth, the HR of high performing organizations strives to create a sense of belongingness in their employees.

One of the models that may be followed in growing organizations can be in pursuit of the ideals. the road to organic growth. Among other features, it points out that employees who promote organic growth usually belong to the middle management level. These growth managers have usually had a varied experience early in their career. As pointed out earlier, knowledge/experience allows them to innovate and have entrepreneurial bent of mind. Such employees strive to look for learning opportunities, love challenges and take action. They are team players and build teams where every member is accountable and at the same time they are able to inspire them to passionately and collectively take up new ventures.

Then there are those who go beyond the conventional application of knowledge in a secure job environment by thinking out of the box and start their own enterprise. A 24 year old CEO who created feels, the idea of entrepreneurship is tempting for youngsters more so in the face of the current job market situation. Being an entrepreneur requires a lot of patience. You have to be fairly confident to start something of your own.

An equity research analysts at Goldman Sachs, is presently pursuing his big business dream. He is in the process of launching ‘Serene Woods’ an e-commerce site for talented authors (self–publishers), photographers and mother artists. The entrepreneurial culture allowed people to come up with innovative ideas, some of which were actively implemented by the firm. But he wanted to move one step ahead and start his own enterprise around something closer to his heart.

Many organizations have direct idea generation processes. Google’s policy to allow people 20 percent of their time to pursue their own independent projects is well known. The employees need to be intuitive and take risks when the situation calls for it. Out of the box thinking takes an organization to new levels of growth, achievement and prestige. The expectations from work life are changing rendering success a whole new meaning. Though many entrepreneurial employees often leave organizations in pursuit of new ambitions, it is also the entrepreneur within an employee that often makes work a fruitful endeavor and the organization’s growth a smooth sail through the tide.