Needs of organizations during uncertain economies

Line managers have been exhorted to take on more visible leadership roles

Though employees are feeling the heat of the global meltdown on Indian shores, experts of India Inc., say that the best way to deal with this is through proper display of leadership skills and effective communication with the employee.

In a scenario like this, work life balance the mantra propagated by organizations over the last few years, seems to have taken a back seat. Even now, its importance is felt by many HR professionals. Work Life balance is important to the organization because the organizations want a happy satisfied employee who can deliver at the highest level of performance. An employee requires a work life balance such that his private and professional priorities are both being met giving him a sense of fulfillment. In turn this will help them contribute significantly to the organization.

For, Mr.N a media professional, the slowdown in the market translated into more hours at work. He shares his experience, being a part of a small team, when a team member is laid off to reduce the organization’s overheads the work for all of us automatically increased. He went from working 9 hours a day to almost 11 hours, which really ate into the time one gets at post working hours.

While many will identify with N’s dilemma, there are companies where the situation has improved ironically due to recession. Like in the case of TMI Network where the employees now enjoy longer weekends. The slowdown has enhanced the work life balance. From alternate Saturdays off, we have moved all Saturdays off. That gives the employees more time for themselves and their family. They also now have time at their disposal to enhance their capability by exploring opportunities to qualify themselves better.

Companies realize that employees still remain an important asset to the success of the organization. Ensuring that employees are secure about their jobs is as important for the organization as it is for the employee. First one needs to understand that these are indeed uncertain times, and hence it is important for the organization to remind its employees to stay focused on delivering to the customer. At Mastek, there is regular communication between the leaders and the managers. Line managers, in turn, have been exhorted to take on more visible leadership role to keep teams motivated and informed.

It is important to be connected with successful and motivated people. For instance, your immediate supervisor plays an important role here. As young people you can look up to your boss for motivation based on the quality of his guidance. It has the power to shape your initial experiences in your job. Successful people have the power to charge the environment they are in and this well to get you started.

It is important to be proactive with learning. At least once a month, learn something new – a skill, knowledge or a new perspective. Every once a quarter, it is nice to do a new task

Employees would do well to use this time to acquire new skills and qualification for themselves. Employees are encouraged to participate in organization wide initiatives and also use the time for acquiring newer skills and prepare themselves to meet the challenge when there is a turnaround in the situation.

The importance of work life balance for an employee cannot be ruled out, whether it is in times of recession or otherwise. While everyone is concerned about securing the future, it is not worth forgetting that the journey is as important as the destination.