Setting up of 5 pillars for the Price labeling equipment

In order to be able to use the price labeling equipment effectively in the work place, you must return to the starting point and decide that the situation will have to be improved using the reorganization system. In order to do this, the labeling equipment must be grouped into unnecessary, nonessential and surplus equipment and daily use equipment. The unnecessary items must be disposed off and the nonessential and surplus items stored separately. The daily use items will be arranged and maintained so that they can be used easily. With this as our basis, we worked out a concept for reorganizing the price labeling equipment.

1. The storage rack, previously referred to as an organization shelf, will be renamed the maintenance storage rack. The daily use labeling equipment will be stored directly on the line or in the maintenance rack where it can be obtained and used easily. Unnecessary items will be disposed off and nonessential and surplus items stored in a separate rack.
2. A set of standards will be made for grouping types of labeling equipment so that unnecessary, nonessential, and surplus items and daily use items can be grouped automatically and put in a fixed storage spot. In addition, a chart will be affixed to each storage rack which shows the relationship between the different types of labeling equipment and the type required by each customer.
3. Using the index mentioned in the article above, it should be immediately clear which compartment contains what equipment for which customer.
4. The standards for organizing labeling equipment according to type should make clear how each type will be handled and maintained, and then be put into action.
5. Fix the system for organizing the grouping of labeling equipment (keep necessary items and make them easily obtainable, throw out unnecessary items) and operations rules and, then, carry them out.

Improvements for price Labeling Equipment Reorganization System and Steps to be taken after improvements:

Design the improvements points for the five pillars described above as follows:

Main improvements points for setting up maintenance storage racks

1. The organization storage racks will hold all these nonessential and surplus equipments and these will be maintained so that they can be used when necessary. Daily use equipment will be kept in the maintenance storage rack.
2. The items kept in the organization storage rack will be nonessential and surplus labeling equipment and other related items. After they are stored, the unnecessary items will be immediately disposed off.
3. The nonessential and surplus price labeling equipment, price tags, product category labels, etc for each customer will be stored in the compartment assigned to it by the group wise customer list chart.
4. The compartment code and stored item code will be written above each compartment.

Main improvement points for standards for grouping each type of price labeling equipment:

A chart will be made up which lists the following elements and the way they will be combined for each set of labeling equipment: a) the fundamental division criteria for deciding which rack they will be stored in, b) the location of its compartment (upper, middle lower level or left, middle, right side) and the criteria, c) the contiguous point for each item and the division criteria, and d) the code number for each compartment.

Main improvement points for list of labeling equipment by type and grouping of correspondence with customers:

1. This grouping list will be used as a) reference for labeling the storage rack the compartment code, customer name, and product name, b) an index for putting away equipment, and c) an index for finding a certain item in the rack (for maintenance).
2. This grouping list will, with the separately drawn up manual, be placed in a plastic case and hung from the storage shelves so that it can be used by anyone at anytime.
3. After doing the price labeler enter the price tags, product category labels and other materials.
4. A separate grouping list will be made for the maintenance storage rack.

Main improvement points from standards for reorganizing price labeling equipment by type

1. The purpose of these standards is to a) assure a minimum of nonessential and surplus items in the organization storage rack and b) ensure that there is enough of the necessary equipments so that maintenance operations can be effective in increasing job effectiveness.
2. For this reason, the following information is made up into a chart: a) The category wise criteria as to whether an item is a regularly purchased item, or purchased when necessary, or stock item, b) The category wise criteria as to whether it is a planned, regular ordering method, a method in which item is ordered when necessary, or an order point system, c) The category wise criteria for amount to be stocked, d) The category wise criteria for whether an item is to be thrown out of can be used somewhere else, e) The category wise criteria for regular maintenance or repair when required, and f) The category wise criteria for whether or not items can be used for more than one company at a time.
3. Using these reorganization standards the answer can be decided for each price of labeling equipment.