Stay cool at office maintaining office etiquette (Dress theme)

Appropriate grooming is crucial for scaling the success ladder.

It is advisable to dress in a “Conservative” Fashion; The Sexy look is meant for Beaches and not the board Room.

The sunny days are back, and it is indeed tricky to subsist against the rising temperature. However, no matter how unfavorable the weather conditions maybe, there is no excuse for making a shabby appearance at work. So here we bring you some simple grooming tips to keep you ‘cool’ even as the days get hotter.

For female executives:

Corporate grooming should be as simple as possible. It is advisable to dress in a “conservative” fashion as the ‘sexy’ look is meant for beaches and not the board room.

To begin with, ensure that you wear the right colors. Summer usually means whites off-whites, beiges and pastels. This summer combine a neutral color with a splash of bright color. For example, pair a pearl grey suit with a vibrant coral shirt or an off-white jacket and shirt with a turquoise necklace. Bright accents are very ‘in’ this season. Another trend that has caught up this season is monochrome – Givenchy, Moschino and Prada featured this in their collections. The black and white combination is a classic combination is a classic pairing that will never go out of style.

When it comes to Indian wear like kurtis or sarees, stick to light fabrics like cottons that are neatly starched and ironed. Light shades of blue and green, yellow and whites would be an ideal summer wear. This season silhouettes are about structure or fluidity which translates into interesting office wear.

Hair is best kept short during the sunny days. Split ends are a common problem during summer. So according to experts, it would be appropriate to visit your hair stylist every six to eight weeks. Rich deep conditioning makes hair manageable, especially during the summer months when hair tends to get frizzy. Whether it is hair color, shampoo or conditioners, refrain from using chemical based products. Use products with SPF protection. When it comes to highlights opt for shades that can gleam in the sunlight.

Make up should be kept to the bare minimum especially if you have the tendency to sweat a lot. Use waterproof products and stick to nude colors as much as possible.

For Male office executives:

Unlike what the scenario was a few years back, today men have also become conscious of their looks. When it comes to grooming men can follow the same guidelines as suggested for women in terms of colors.

White is truly versatile. Whether you are heading for a formal meeting or dressing for a casual Friday, a white shirt can be handy. Shades of pink and blue are a good option for attending client meetings. Contrast is the mantra for ties. Very often men tend to stick to their past experiences while choosing colors. But now it is time to break out of the shell.

Donning a short hairstyle and facial hair gives a well groomed look. This season clean cut is the ‘in’ thing. Gel your hair set them perfectly and you are ready to walk into the cubicle in style.

Body odor is a major concern for men and women. Irrespective of whether you sweat profusely or not, it is important to use a deodorant that will give you a 10-12 hour protection. In fact, to avoid an unpleasant situation, it is advisable to carry your deodorant to work.

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