Free shackles of complacency and enjoy rewards

Complacency is an awful word in the corporate lexicon. It can be defined as a disease with a difficult cure. Very often we are not even aware of the fact that it has tiptoed into our career. Today, especially with the market scenario not being very favorable for career growths, this has become a serious concern.

You used to have a fire in your belly and a spring in your feet when you started you career; but with time the childish optimism seems to have matured. In order words the dawn of your career has somehow meandered into twilight of untroubled complacency. Although you may be shirking you head in denial, the fact remains that at least five out of ten people know that they are a victim of this dreaded disease that can slowly eat into impetus to excel.

Mr.X knows he is getting too comfortable with his cushy job since it gives enough time to unwind and have a social life. But at the same time X iswaking up to the fact that the ambitious streak in him is dying a natural death. Although X wants a change, where are the options?

In a secure job, sufficient salary and a comfortable workplace have stopped the growth in your learning curve, chances are high that you have contracted the complacency epidemic. Life is too short for you to be stuck with something you dislike. You have ample chances to move on and you need to have a presence of mind to take the one that suits you best; however, it will also come with its own share of challenges.

Some introspection and the willingness to usher in change is the panacea for such a situation can help. But how does one make this happen in the same job? Here are some pointers that may perhaps be the answer:

Do not shy away from new challenges. It is just what you need to break the inertia. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the biggest project of your career; it only has to be the one that will get your cerebral juices flowing.

Variety – the best spice: Often all you need to get out of a rut is change. Try something different or try doing it differently.

Reinventing self does not mean that you dye your hair pink and get a tattoo done. You may be reaching a mid-career crisis, and small changes in your daily routine like a dip in the pool every evening or a guitar lesson every weekend can make you feel better.

Everyday is a new day: Or pretend it is. Clean your slate. It can be hard but it is worth a shot. Although you may be doing something for over a decade, trick your brain to believing that it’s a new task. The idea is to try and like your work again.

Lastly, be determined to make the most of everything. Sink your teeth as hard as you can into the next assignments.

While it’s important to have a good personal life, it’s equally important to ensure that your career does not take a back seat in this bargain. Learning is essential. It is commonplace to find average people sticking on to the job. But you will be misleading yourself if you believe that the company ignores employees’ lack of performance. In times of the slowdown, you never know when things can take a rough turn.

Going by the words of Russian criminologist, journalist, and liberal politician Vladimir Nabokov, Complacency is a state of mind exists only in retrospective: it has to be shattered before being ascertained. So go ahead break free from the shackles of complacency and enjoy its rewards.