Latest development of professional courses

Medical Science and Technology:

Given the ongoing advancements in medical technology, imaging and image analysis, telemedicine and telesurgery, it is fitting that a medical professional acquires the technical skills that make possible better medical technologies, and utilization of science for better medical care and services.

On the other hand, there are programs like clinical engineering and medical imaging and image analysis that can train engineering graduates for careers in medical science and technology.

Job prospects:

Students who qualify with the MMST degree may provide the necessary technical inputs to various hospitals, medical industries and research institutes that are working on innovative techniques in medicine. They may also take upon challenging techno- medical, Management tasks.

Research consulting and teaching opportunities are the major focus of programs in clinical engineering and biomedical devices and technology, but there is also excellent scope for innovation and entrepreneurship in biomedical technology.

Filmmaking is a complex business. It starts with an idea, and then proceeds to the writing of the script, the financing, casting, selection of crew, shooting, and postproduction. Filmmaking brings together the expertise of director, writers and technical personnel like cinema-graphers and editors. Moreover, to create the right mood and setting for the production, art directors are brought in to design the sets. Film and TV productions also require professional to manage lighting, costumes and make up, and acting is a popular profession as well.

Cinematography editing sound recording and animation are some typical courses offered in film training institutes. Scriptwriting courses are usually integrated into direction courses in film schools, but may be offered separately as well. Most actors today would have participated in some film courses to learn the ropes. One may apply after class 12 or graduation.

Job Prospects:

Feature films are the most popular area within filmmaking, but a filmmaker could be making documentaries, advertising films, publicity films or educational films as well. The proliferation of television channels and advertising has created myriad openings for film professionals. The competition for the jobs, however, is staggering and those with flair and the right connections continue to get opportunities to prove themselves.

Growing internationalization of business:

The growing internationalization of business has enhanced the importance of the existing post graduate international business management programs in the country, and has also encouraged many business schools to offer MBA International Business (IB) or Master of International Business (MIB) programs, in addition to their regular MBA programs.

MIB or MBA (IB) program is offered as a two year postgraduate program. It provides an advanced introduction to a wide range of business and management subjects from an international perspective. Such programs mostly cover basic aspects of business administration, like accounting, finance, management and marketing, but their main focus is subjects like international governmental policies, international financial services, cross cultural management, unique customs and attitudes and other factors that effect, multinational operations management.

The MIB / MBA (IB) student’s curriculum includes the study of the major laws and organizations that effect global business and trade, and also covers international strategy.

Job prospects:
Most international business management professionals begin their careers in their own country in domestic operations and move to positions abroad after demonstrating their capabilities.

Efficient campus placements from the prominent business schools offer a wide range of business management careers in global corporations, trans-national companies, management consultancies and management education and training. You may work in domestic or international positions with private companies, public sector or other organizations. Placements may be in areas as diverse as international finance, marketing, management, importing / exporting or sales.