A Show that shows a career

By the time you have successfully completed your bachelor’s degree, you are far more aware of the world of work than you were, perhaps as an undergraduate student. Moreover, as young adult, you will likely be more assertive about your choices – both, with respect to higher education (academic and professional) and in terms of your career and the job market.

The Ninth ‘Times Education Boutique’ is going to hit Mumbai like never before, with over 200 stalls and dozens of Education and career related facilities available under one roof, this fair will easily be the study and work treasure chest you have been looking for, all this while, Read on this,

It is still the one Indian metro that is truly a metropolis. Stirring together just about everything, right from films to fashion and glitz to glamour, Mumbai is really the very heart of India when it comes to living life in the fast lane. No wonder it has been called the melting pot of the country, with special exotic recipes thrown in for good measure.

Goes without saying then, that being the financial and commercial capital of India, Mumbai is also the obvious career capital. Otherwise, why would those thousands of people crowd into the city daily, in order to build top notch, well paying career for themselves? And, as the demand for talented professionals grows, so does the need for A-grade educational institutes that shall cater to this huge corporate job market.

Which is where the Times Education Boutique steps in? It’s been around for eight years but the Boutique still manages to get bigger and better with each passing year – some what like the spirit of this city itself! So what’s in store for 2009?

First up, a plethora of education institutes shall send in their top executives to act as hosts at their respective stalls. These institutes, located across the length and breadth of the country as well as from every nook and corner of the world are here in Mumbai for the explicit reason of explaining the details of their various course options and recruiting the best students for themselves.

Next is that wonderful tool called career counseling to help you choose just what will suit your unique talents. Accordingly the best education and career counselors from across India shall devote their time and energy to you. What is more, these counselors shall even participate in the numerous seminars and talks to be held on the spot. These seminars are conducted with the aim of demystifying offbeat careers and options open to you and to explain the scope and possibilities after you study for particular degree or diploma. In this sense, the seminars can help you decide what to study, other than informing you about all the things you can do after finishing the degree you are already studying for! And did we mention. Experts from all walks of life and from every imaginable career shall also be around to share their knowledge and expertise at the open forums organized at the fair. All this, in an air-conditioned, colorfully decked up environment where you, your friends and family can hang do feel comfortable to ask any questions you might want to. After all, this is your show, where you are the focus and, helping you is the prime priority of each and every organizer present.

All in all, if it is a cheap educational loan you need or individualized career guidance, or still again, if you simply want to compare institutes, courses, fees or faculty this expo will be everything you ever asked for and more.