Innovative marketing ideas


In India today, most shoppers in the organized retailing malls and super markets use a Shopping Cart (SC) to shop. Shoppers are happy that a SC facilitates carrying the items the shopper has selected. They can also carry their small children on the SC while selecting their requirements going around in these malls and super markets. SC can be used as a marketing device by brand marketers

This can be a new marketing device which can be used effectively by brand marketers in this new age of organized retailing, modern trade, super markets, hyper markets, malls as well as key accounts.

If the consumer behavior is observed the SC can be used as an interesting marketing device with specific reference in the super market or mall. We are giving below how this shopping cart can be used effectively as a marketing device by marketers of branded and other products.

1. Like bus back panels and side panels there could be shopping cart panels in super markets and malls giving a chance to advertise and highlight the brands at a certain fee. This is a good visibility opportunity through the shopping cart panel and should be utilized. Very few people in organized retail sector have considered this opportunity. This method of advertising can be used to display both the store brand and the product brand which is surely create awareness for their brand due to continuous proximity of he consumer.

2. The same panels and lets call them Shopping cart Panels (SC Panels) could be used either on a permanent basis or on a temporary basis for schematic advertising. A specific scheme could be announced for a certain period of time through these Panels thus opening up another avenue for SC Marketing.

3. SC Marketing could be used even with audio devices and could actually be a talking walking medium in the super market.

4. There can be ‘mystery shoppers’ placed at various points and if a SC passes that point at say 6.00pm, or another point at 7.00pm, the person using the SC would get a surprise prize. The mystery shoppers could be in the form of 2 or 3 ladies and housewives roaming in the outlet. She is at one place for an hour and at another place in the next hour. Now if a customer buys the product at a place where she is at the appointed time using the SC in the mall then a prize would be given. Another opportunity of SC Marketing.

5. SC Marketing could reduce the problem of the rush at the cash counter. In case the customer buys something in the last 60 seconds and put it in the cart, if it is a brand under promotion, they could get it free.

6. There is great excitement in the super market with small children because many a time, parents put their little kids in the shopping cart while shopping.

And lastly SC Marketing could even be a very interesting market observing device as one can immediately see as to which brand of biscuits or juice is in the Trolley and the store brand or product brand or both jointly can run a lucky draw with prizes. The customer who gets the prize will be happy, If a particular brand under prize scheme is in the SC.

There are many exciting ways to use the SC marketing to enhance brands’ awareness and the store’s popularity through consumer interaction and the entire process can bring joy both to brand owner and the customer.

Trolleys are used very effectively at airports for many years. It has been used both for moving luggage as well as an advertising medium.

In many countries to use a shopping cart there has to be a payment made like the insertion of the coin and after the trolley is deposited back, your coin pops out thereby ensuring that there is no robbing of a SC.

‘SC Marketing’ is a great opportunity in the new India where consumers are emerging and growing as world class consumers.

Now that there are stores at every petrol pump mini carts can be used for ‘SC Marketing’ at these gas stations also.

‘The SC Marketing could be a device which can be used consistently by a brand, so as to be a part of consumer shopping experience. In fact the consumer should consider it as a part of service the mall is rendering to the person while shopping

Since only 3% of the sales are thoroughly organized retailing in India and shopping carts are used mainly in organized retail formats like super markets and malls and since these are growing, ‘SC Marketing’ has a great scope for growth in India.

The SC Marketing strategy seems to be workable which may help the brands move faster in a super market.