Analytical Methods and Improvement rules for Seiton operation improvement

Improvement for Seiton System with the Formula Method:

Points and steps for improvements:-

Range of utilization: The following formula method can be used to make improvements in tool-setting and preparation operations, line balancing and process planning, parts supply to assembly line, and peak time problems, etc. They can also be used, of course, for Seiton system improvements.

The formula method: The formula, using the main points of each theme as a clue, has the purposes of broadening and deepening the improvement plan. The accumulated improvements of the past give us concrete proof of good methods. These are organized into a formula, steps are worked out, and the process is systematized.

How to proceed with a formula method:

Know the improvement formula for each problem:-

Firmly understand what is to be done. Gather improvement formulas from past improvement examples

Make the formula into a check list:

Make the improvement formula condition items into a check list. Apply them and then study them completely. Make it a point to broaden the concept so that there are no oversights.

Implement the concept:

Deepen the concept in order to make a plan which can be put into practice, including limitations for a concept for which application has been considered. Make various proposals which could be used for the same concept.


Make a total evaluation which includes cost and quality. At times, make a composite proposal after evaluation.

Utilization examples (Improvement of Seiton operations during peak time):

Examples of Improvement Formula for peak Time Problem

1. Thorough preparation of the operations. This helps in breaking down the peak load.
2. Planning breakdown of peak load:
(a) Staggered working hours as needed
(b) Load smoothening by giving operation instructions for short time periods
3. Call for frequent inter-departmental help
(a) Establish and utilize (mobile groups)

3. Improvements for shortening the time for individual operations.

Measures to completely do away with searching:

Why Search?
Even if you try to place things in a spot which will make it easy to use, in other words if you attempt Seiton but the item is not in its place, then you have to search for it, and work does not progress. We tend to think that this searching is a part of our work, but when we are in a hurry, we get irritated. In the future, competition will be in the amount of time it takes to do work. When this happens, the amount of searching time which can be reduced will be of utmost importance. (Search like handling or storing, does not add value and hence we must eliminate or minimize it).

When thinking about searching has to be done, we come up with four reasons: 1) There are too many unnecessary things, 2) There is no fixed place, 3) There are no labels, 4) Items are not returned to their proper places. Getting rid of these causes is a means of doing away with searching.

Measures to eliminate search operation:

Too many unnecessary things
Get rid of unnecessary things. Reorganize storage place
Reassign racks, re-position cabinets and racks

No fixed place:
Reorganize storage place
Assign storage place
Decide according to frequency of use (nearby, between shoulder and elbow), set system, assembly system.

No Labels:
Label storage places
Label items to be stored
Label rack numbers and rack division numbers. Indicate item to be stored.
Label item with name and number.

Items not retuned to proper spot
Attach directional chart to storage place.
Inspect indicate and rehabilitate
Record rack number and rack division number in storage places.
Put measure into action in its entirety.