A workplace environmental friendly

Having an environmentally friendly workplace is becoming more than just a trend today. Moreover, employees are taking up various initiatives to make sure that their organization is no longer adding to the carbon footprint. Here’s a look at how they are becoming equally active and conscious about promoting the green cause at their workplace.

The impact and growing need for going green is being realized, more so in the past few years. An increasing number of people are realizing the call for decreasing their individual carbon footprint, by adopting energy saving measures recycling or consuming only organic product. With the changing times, environmental consciousness is now beginning to extend into the business environment and is affecting how people conduct themselves at work.

Companies that make the decision to invest time, money and resources to go green are not only helping the earth, but are also attracting environmentally conscious candidates thus improving employee morale. Too often in today’s hectic hustle and bustle of the corporate world, people forget the phrase reduce recycle and reuse which can be directed within the workplace.

With the world becoming even more aware and cautions about the hazardous repercussions of certain elements on the environment it is high time that each individual takes up the cause personally and works towards saving the environment.

It has been observed that many of us leave our monitors /PCs switched on while leaving for the day. It is a significant approach to our additional cost on energy. We should avoid this practice and should switch off our monitors/PC after finishing work at the end of the working hours. It is also observed that after attending a meeting at the meeting room/discussion room/conference room, we don’t switch off the lights, projector etc. Such things can only lead to additional cost on energy and can reduce the life of certain assets such as lamps etc.

Facility/admin, FIS Global Solutions, India discusses initiatives that have been taken up in her organization and shares. As part of their green initiative program, FIS has join hands with an NGO Eco-Reco, a government recognized agency, to dispose off electrical waste (E-waste) in an eco friendly manner. Now we plan to extend this initiative to the next level by inviting all employees to take part in this endeavor. Under this initiative, employees can now donate their discarded electronic and electrical waste, which otherwise, they may be scraping in an un-friendly manner. All they need to do now is deposit their e-waste with us.

Though majority of organizations are doing all they can in terms of becoming eco-friendly, there are small but valuable contributors that employees can make individually towards this cause. We make it a point that we only print the most necessary documents /mails at work. It has been observed various times that a lot of unattended papers are lying next to the printers; we sometimes may not observe risks about additional printing and collection of the same. We try to not indulge in any such activities at our workplace which further contributes to energy conservation and save costs at the same time.

In one department, they have converted our manuals and feedback forms online so that they need not print. They also recycle their old manual print outs and other recycled paper. Every employee needs a special approval for printouts to make sure that there is no wastage of paper.

The office is an ideal place to team up and make a larger contribution to green issues and to save energy and costs. And employees are now taking interest and are suggesting various innovative ideas to save energy, through electricity, proper waste management, paper use efficiencies, greener technologies and an overall reduction in consumption.

Employees, each one can show commitment towards this cause and contribute in every way so as to make this world a better place to live in. So, if you think that you have an idea, this would be the perfect time to pitch in.