SME seems to be the best way for seeking jobs

With the changing times, aspirants are showing a keen interest towards exploring opportunities that lie beyond traditional India Inc. So, if you are among the many who is up for a challenge, a SME could be the answer to your question.

There was a time, when every job aspirant wanted to work with a top notch MNC, in a quest to get the best job, the best pay package and to have a successful career. However, with the recent turnout of events, many aspirants, including a few NRIs are now looking at exploring the vast opportunities the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have in store. This trend of several candidates keen on working with these rising industries is rapidly catching up. At a time when companies are resorting to harsh like laying off people several candidates are looking at SMEs as viable employers.

In the current scenario, aspirants are now looking at newer and broader options like never before. Accordingly, the focus has moved from the conventional industries to the small and medium enterprise space. SMEs have increasingly found favor, amongst the fresh hires from campuses as well. The slowdown is playing a small yet a decisive part in this surge to work for SMEs. Currently these industries are not facing this challenge. Traditionally, aspirants have never been attracted to such companies. However, they are now willing to experiment as these companies have a strong footing in the market. Candidates believe that working with SMEs will help them explore their expertise and even facilitate their career growth opportunities.

Experts say that while many aspirants are taking a leap of faith and career, there are quite a few advantages of joining a SME. Many say that working in one can help an aspirant make long term career choices as they can act as excellent training and learning platform. SMEs offer diverse exposure in different industries as compared to the limited options that bigger organizations offer. The role and the scope of responsibility are greater and come at a relatively younger age and experience as compared to a bigger set up. Employees / aspirants have the flexibility to get involved in a number of different tasks and functions; job roles are often less rigidly defined. Also, aspirants have more scope to grow faster as compared to working in an MNC. Employees are on a fast track to growth as they have direct access to the decision making process and are often kept in the loop during project undertaking and meetings. This is not always the case in most MNCs. Fundamental decisions are taken with your knowledge and expertise and is a win-win situation for both, the organization and the employee.

Also, in a SME, in comparison to MNCs, candidates are able to gauge their growth advantage and the pace at which one gets to climb the corporate ladder is also faster. While local aspirants may or may not be so keen on joining SMEs, experts say that NRIs returning to India are keen on exploring this avenue. If there is a candidate with a global background, chances are that he/she may perceive SMEs as a low profile industry but they are also aware that it is a place where one can really display his/her talent.

However, adjusting to the culture would be rather difficult for an NRI. Also for them, to get accustomed to the local needs and the changing market conditions would take longer as compared to the locals. And if SMEs have an option between choosing a local and an NRI aspirant to work with, they would opt for a local is equipped with local knowledge.

But there is no denying that this industry is packed with opportunities waiting to be seized and explored! Are you game?