Improvement Implementation Policy for Kanban Seiton System

G reported his findings to S, his group leader and consulted him about the next improvement themes and policies.

S agreed that there were too many problems, and said that, to start with, they should make improvements of Seiton system on a main theme and one or two sub-themes. G adhering to S’s policy worked out the following improvement themes and policies.

Improvements in maintenance of kanban system constitution and creation of grouping list chart

1. Use mainly withdrawal Kanban and in-process Kanban making other types as necessary.
2. Decide the roles of and rules for each Kanban and the Kanban basics, regulations, and method of rotation.
3. Establish rules for issuing Kanban in order to make the system efficient.

Improvements on system for issuing numbers of Kanban (Seiton system):

1. First proceed with improvements for defects, breakdowns, tool-setting changes, and safety, and create a structure for cases in which there are few changes in internal production volume other than changes in orders.
2. Create a structure for issuing number of Kanban when improvements for defects, breakdowns, and tool-setting changes are not proceeding.
3. Make rules concerning the matters which must be considered when numbers of Kanban are to be settled.

Improvements in the Kanban dispatch boards for the preceding process:

1. Establish Kanban dispatch boards for the preceding processes of each line.
2. Make rules concerning the handling of the dispatch boards.

Improvements in the Kanban storage racks:

1. Establish a storage rack for each line’s issuer
2. Make color coordinated labels for Kanban for each main product, and assign numbers to storage racks.

Improving operations schedules:

1. Create operations schedules for units of one to three days depending upon definite changes in order volume.
2. Decide the number of Kanban and give production directions depending upon changes in operation schedule production volume.

Improvements which support the Kanban system (by the project teams):

The preceding process which has received a Kanban must process the amount required by the subsequent process within the time requested. For this the following improvements are necessary.

1. Improvements to cut defects: make checks on all Kanban set pokayoke (fool proofing) adopt an inspection system to cut defects, have daily control of important quality points for each of the four production elements.
2. Improvements to cut breakdowns: make efforts to have daily inspections, maintain basic conditions and correct actions such as oiling, cleaning and tightening, promote the 5 ‘S’ approach, prevent deterioration, provide individual measures, and then clarify and improve the skills of each worker.
3. Improvements to guarantee safety: install safety devices for dangerous operations have workers wear safety equipment and clothes, standardized safety rules operations and do operation improvements which will raise efficiency.
4. Improvement to shorten tool-setting time: differentiate between inside and outside tool setting operation, reduce inside tool- setting. It is necessary to make one touch improvements in order to cut adjustment time during inside tool setting.

G submitted the above improvement concepts to S and received his approval. Then, he narrowed down he main points and made improvement plans for a main theme and one or two sub-themes. S gave him instructions to proceed.

Main Improvements Points for Point of emphasis Improvement Themes for Kanban Seiton System

G worked on the improvement themes of the six pillars described in item (2) in the order in which they would have the greatest effect. His efforts would center around the main theme and sub-theme whose concrete improvement proposals are given below:

Main Improvements points for maintaining the Kanban system constitution

1. The current Kanban will be given the functions of transportation withdrawal beginning production and direction for unfinished products.

The purpose of this is to prevent shortage as well as over production. With these sorts of Kanban it is also hoped that process problems will be exposed, irregularities caught, and solutions promoted.

Decide the basics and regulations for operating Kanban It is important that all workers understand the basics is using Kanban and use them uniformly.