Energy the fuel of excellence

One can call energy the fuel of excellence. You can change your internal representations all day long, if your biochemistry is messed up, it’s going to make the brain create distorted representations. It’s going to throw off the whole system. In fact, it’s highly unlikely you’ll even feel like using what you’ve learned. You could have the most beautiful race car in the world, but if you try to run it on beer, it’s not going to work. You can have the right car and the right fuel, but if the spark plugs are not firing right, you won’t get peak performance. Sharing some ideas about energy and how to raise it to peak levels, the higher the energy level, the more efficient will be your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.

The importance of energy and the magic is that an abundance of it can unleash. Mr.X used to weigh 268 pounds and now weighs 238. Before, X was not exactly looking for all the ways he could make his life work. X’s physiology didn’t help him produce outstanding results. What he could learn and do create a secondary to what he could eat and watch on TV. But one day he decided he was tired of living that way, so he started studying about what produced outstanding health, and then he modeled people who had consistently produced it in themselves.

The nutritional field was so contradictory and confusing however, X didn’t know what to do at first. X read one book, and it would say do this and this and this and you’ll live forever. So X get all excited – until he got to the next book, which said if you did all those things, you’d die, so do this and that and this. Of course, as soon as X read the third book, it also contradicted the first two. All the authors were MDs, yet they couldn’t even agree on the basics.

X wasn’t looking for credentials but he wanted was results. So he found people who were producing results in their body, people who were vibrant and healthy. X found out what they were doing, and he did the same. He complied with everything he learned into a set of commitments or principles for him self and he set up a sixty day program for healthy living. X applied these principles daily, and lost thirty pounds in a little more than thirty days. More important, he finally found a way to live that was hassle free and not diet oriented (notice what the first three letters in the word “diet” spell) – a way that respected how his body worked.

X will share with you here the principles he has lived by for the past five years. Before he does, though, let me give you an example of how they have transformed his physiology. He used to need eight hours of sleep. He also needed three alarm clocks to wake up in the meaning – one that ran, one that turned on a radio, and one that switched on the lights. Now, he can lead a seminar all evening, go to sleep at one or two in the morning, and wake up after five or six hours of sleep, feeling absolutely vibrant, strong, and energized. If his blood stream were polluted, if his energy level were tainted, X would be trying to make the most of a very limited physiology. Instead, X started with a physiology that allows him to mobilize all his physical and mental abilities.

Let us start with the first key to living health – the power of breath. The foundation of health is a healthy blood stream, the system that transports oxygen and nutrients to all the cells of your body. If you have a healthy circulation system, you are going to live a long, healthy life. That environment is the blood stream. What is the control button for that system? Breathing. It is the way you fully oxygenate the body and thus stimulate the electrical process of each and every cell.