Making an impression

Owing to the slowdown and layoffs, work pressure for most people has inevitably multiplied. As an employee today, you cannot just do the job and go home. You have to be a dependable resource with effective multitasking ability. It is necessary to become indispensable stand out among a bunch of hardworking colleagues. Definitely your work will speak for itself, but if you are keen to stay ahead, it’s time to brush your soft skills and do a little PR for yourself.

Experts believe Personal PR can give you a heads up and can be the much needed drive for your passion. Five to seven years ago, it was believed that you should do your work silently and people will take notice, however, the scenario now is changing. Today it is not only good work, but your personality also that can win you appreciation. You could have done some great work but it is critical to make it known at the right forum. Never think you are an introvert. PR skills are innate in a person, and can be cultivated if you have the will. If you are keen on building your image, here are few steps:

What you do matters: Your work is the basic ingredient of personal PR. Your words must be a reflection of your hard work. You cannot be a great talker and bad worker. The people may sort you out as one who talks to cover his inabilities. Personal PR is about selling your skills.

Begin with assessing your boss. Does he acknowledge your efforts at work? An intelligent boss recognizes a good worker. If you do not have enough support from your boss, take on initiatives which impact people at the larger end. Solving an immediate problem is your job, but looking at providing a long term solution to it, would be an initiative. Taking on an initiative other than your role, is a great way to get noticed.

Imagine you have 30 seconds with your company MD while in the lift. What would you say about yourself to leave a lasting impression in his mind? When a top manager travel back from client meetings and happens to be with someone who has joined the company recently, he may ask the person about his long terms goals. Though a standard question, it helps the boss gauge the mind set and ability of the person to take on responsibilities. So, it is critical to have a definite vision for your self.

Seize the opportunity

It is important to communicate the right message at the right forum. The annual gathering could be a good place to subtly send out your message to the key bosses. Even if you are an introvert, you do get three to four opportunities in a year like the HR review meeting, to speak about it. Luck is when opportunity meets preparedness. At such a time, you should have your personal pitch ready. Be proactive.

A word of caution – Do not overdo it. Your visibility must be appropriate, else it can backfire. Do not be the sale focus always. It should be about everyone and me, not just me.

Power dressing has always worked its magic in the corporate world. Someone who dresses well can attract many starters for conversations. Many times, a conversation begins with – “hey, you’re wearing great shoes” A good tone and eye contact is essential. Maintain eye contact with the person while speaking, socialize, be suave and charming.

Always anticipate what others want. Preempt what a person would want before he asks you. That additional step can do wonders.

A few small steps apart from the hard work can perk up your career prospects. Whip up the mix of PR tools, and you could well be an employer ideal choice. Most significantly, mean what you say, or act that you mean it! Play it cool sometimes. It is not necessary to be visible all the time. Continue to communicate the right messages to the right people. Be ambitious and have a plan for your career. Believe in yourself and you will go places.