Limitation Disengage

Limited goals create limited lives. So stretch yourself as far as you want in setting your goals. You need to decide what you want because that’s the only way you can expect to get it. Follow these five rules in formulating your outcomes.

1. State your outcome in positive terms: Say what you want to happen. Too often, people state what they don’t want to happen as their goals.
2. Be as specific as possible: How does your outcome look sound, feel, smell? Engage all of your senses in describing the results you want. The more sensory rich your description, the more you will empower your brain to create your desire. Also be certain to set a specific completion date and/or term.
3. Have an evidence procedure: Know how you will look, how you will feel, and what you will see and hear in your external world after you have achieved your outcome. If you don’t know how you’ll know when you’ve achieved your goal, you may already have it. You can be wining and feel like you’re losing if you don’t keep score.
4. Be in control: Your outcome must be initiated and maintained by you. It must not be dependent upon other people having to change themselves for you to be happy. Make sure your outcome reflects tings that you can affect directly.
5. Verify that your outcome is ecologically sound and desirable. Project into the future the consequences of your actual goal. Your outcome must be one that benefits you and other people.

If you are were absolutely certain of success, what activities would you pursue, what actions would you take?

All of us have some idea of the things we want. Some are vague – more love, more money, more time to enjoy life. However, to empower our bio-computers to create a result, we need to become more specific than a new car, a new house, a better job.

As you create your list, some of the things you write down will be things you’ve thought about for years. Some will be things you’ve never consciously formulated before. But you need to consciously decide what you want, because knowing what you want determines what you will get. Before something happens in the external world, it must first happen in the internal world. There’s something rather amazing about what happens when you get a clear internal representation of what you want. It programs your mind and body to achieve that goal. To go beyond our present limitations, we must first experience being more in our minds, and our lives will then follow suit.

Let me give you a simple physical metaphor for this. Try the following. Stand up, with your feet slightly apart and pointing forward. Bring both arms straight up in front of you so that they are parallel to the floor. Now turn to your left, pointing with your finger as far as you comfortably can as you turn. Take note of where you stop by the point on the wall opposite where your finger stops. Now turn back around, close your eyes, and in your mind make a picture of yourself turning again – only this time going much farther. Now again, and this time much farther still. Now open your eyes and again physically turn. Note what happens. Did you turn much farther? Of course you did. You created a new external reality by first programming your brain to go beyond its previous limits.