India or Abroad

However, there are also cases of students who had to come back mid way through their education abroad, owing to dwindled funds. Owing to the drop in the real estate market, the relative sponsoring education began facing financial difficulties and students were unable to fund for their education. Besides, their college was also thinking of increasing its fee.

In fact, a check with some prominent colleges in Mumbai revealed that some of them had indeed received enquiries from students wishing to continue their education in India. Previously, these colleges would receive admission enquiries from students in the Gulf. However, this year there have also been enquiries from those in the US and UK. There were several enquiries regarding admission procedures from students in Australia, Dubai and even the UK.

Such students returning home mid-way through their courses and seeking a direct admission into the second and third year of a degree course must acquire an eligibility certificate from the University of Mumbai. University has system under its eligibility section, which allows transfer of credits for students returning from abroad. There are about 100 to 200 such cases every year and it is estimated an increase of 15 to 20 percent owing to several factors including recession. If the student has already completed certain subjects, they do not have to repeat them and that give relief by allowing direction admission into the second year. In fact, IB diploma is recognized and students who have completed it either from India or overseas are not required to take every subject at the higher level. They can get conditional admission based on their predicted scores. Students applying for eligibility can visit the university’s website. Eligibility section of the University says that it takes a minimum of a month to issue eligibility certificates to students from overseas universities.

Staying Positive:

All said and done the most important factor while dealing with any problem is maintaining a positive attitude. Returning students, especially those seeking jobs here, should remain positive and persistent. They should not lose hope if things don’t go their way initially, during the job hunt. Getting a job requires struggle. Students may take between three to five months before securing a good job.

Apart from the job hunting anxiety, one may also have to answer family members who may question ones decision to return home. People constantly keep bothering about student return and whether student plan to go back etc.

A student who completed her BA in Neuroscience and Behavior from the Columbia University in the US last year and headed back owing to the lack of worthwhile placements, adds that she had keep herself bust with various activities including scuba diving lessons. All that optimism was of great help to Maluste who soon landed a rewarding job as a management consultant with a top global firm.

Though coming back to India may be a difficult decision, it definitely may not be the wrong one. There are plenty of options for those who return home.

It is now sure and prudent to seek a job in India even one had completed his professional education say masters degree in business management. Aspirants are lacking in knowledge or ignorant about the facts that there is not much of a difference in earnings in a job abroad or in India. Moreover loneliness or ‘do it by self’ domestic chores abroad eats away into some rest or leisure. A qualified aspirant can get a job and very well can afford a vehicle or shelter more easily than abroad. Moreover the tax structure in India is better (more savings possible) than advanced countries.