Workplace ethics

Almost every organization has a set of unwritten rules, which employees are expected to follow. And with each passing day, the list of things to avoid while at work seems to be getting longer. Experts of India Inc. discuss a few habits that should be kept at bay, at the workplace.

Success at the workplace cannot be defined by an employee’s work alone. Experts of India Inc. say that there are softer aspects involved that include behavior, good manners etc that play a vital role towards ensuring success. They outline a few such aspects that that every employee must watch out for at work place.

Using the office phone for making personal calls is considered very unprofessional. Same is the case with attending unnecessary personal calls frequently, while at work. Experts say that this behavior can be done away with as it disturbs others at work and also leads to procrastination of work. According to president marketing Madame, a flagship brand of Jain Amar Clothing Pvt Ltd, allowing the phone to ring continuously, talking loudly on phone in others’ presence, etc creates irritation to others. Also having a distracting ring tone attracts everyone’s attention and disrupts their concentration and hinders work.

Taking a break for few minutes from one’s busy schedule is acceptable at the workplace. However, spending long hours away from the workstation, chatting up with colleagues or roaming around in office is strictly unacceptable. Gossiping about colleagues or bosses, rumor mongering etc, are unprofessional behavioral patterns that can vitiate the work atmosphere.

Employees must strictly follow the dress code of the organization. If there is no dress code, he/she must dress appropriately for office. Dressing in a provocative or unkempt manner is unprofessional as it dilutes the work culture and leads to unnecessary distractions. It also gives an impression to customers that its employees lack seriousness.

Office facilities: Employees should not use office assets like printers, photocopiers, computers, etc for personal use. A lot of people think that it is okay to use office equipments for their personal purpose. This is alright if you do once in a while, but when done regularly, this is unethical.

Producing wrong bills for reimbursement, stealing copyright material of the company including software, books etc., giving wrong projection to the bosses to get immediate raise, giving excuses to the bosses for the uncompleted work/or not meeting the deadlines etc must be avoided.

Duplicating software for use at home, manipulating the number of hours worked, or much more serious and illegal practices, such as embezzling money from the organization or misusing information from confidential business documents, etc are serious unethical practices. Some of these practices can lead the company to lose large amounts of money or result in the loss of crucial contracts.

Maintaining good relationships with colleagues is very important. Getting into unnecessary conflicts with colleagues would hamper the cordial atmosphere at the workplace.

Now, firms are becoming cautious of such unethical behaviors at the workplace and are coming up with measures to curb such practices.

It is important for an organization to define and communicate its value to their employees and this, in turn, will give clarity to an employee to interpret a habit as ethical or unethical looking at it from an organizational value system rather than getting influenced by personal values.

However, a sure solution for such unprofessional practices will come up only when employees voluntarily put a cap on such behaviors at the workplaces.

A lot of employees think that it is okay to run to the bank or to a store and finish personal errands quickly and get back to work. These are very unethical and unprofessional practices that we need to pay more attention to.

Experts suggest that it is advisable to go for personal works during the lunch hour, provided he/she can complete it within the time frame or must take prior permission from the higher ups.