Starting afresh in a new job

Starting afresh in a new job after facing a lay off can become difficult if you do not prepare yourself effectively.

More to know
1. Be ready top up learning
2. Don’t stick to your past
3. Be confident
4. Take up challenges
5. Start off on a positive note
6. Do not underestimate yourself

An IT professional, who has been one of the many victims of the economic slowdown and the consequent lay offs is now preparing himself once again for the market. After five months of unemployment, he has finally signed on the dotted line and is looking forward to soon joining a new firm. In his words, “I have received the offer letter and I’m definitely excited about this new job. I’m lucky to have found one, especially since the IT sector isn’t very favorable at the moment”. However, while the joy of being employed again persists, anxiety levels are at an all time high because the newly joined employee is not sure of how his colleagues here will perceive the fact that he was fired. Moreover, he is also disappointed about the monetary compromise he had to make to get this job. But it was essential – after all, he needed this job.

Setting your feet in a new job with any kind of negative vigor would perhaps be your biggest mistake. It is important to understand the fact that you are not the only person to have got a pink slip. The reason for short staffing was retrenchment, and not under performance. So look beyond the boundaries of the self.

It is important to leave your past behind and move on positively according to a person, who works as an in-house career counselor with a leading financial solutions firm. The fact that you have got a new job indicates that the market values your skill sets and experience. So grab the new challenges and look out for opportunities that will help you grow as an individual as well as a professional. She goes on to tag the recent layoffs as a phenomenon and thus feels there is no reason why one should brood over it.

Being confident is half the battle won. While there is no denying the fact that being laid off from work can be the most stressful asked to resign can have an impact on your confidence level, it’s important to remain stable. Setbacks should always be looked at as a learning experience. Do not let yourself fall apart. The job loss may have retarded your career to some extent, but there is a lot more to look forward to. So set new targets and start heading towards them.

No matter how bad a situation you may be in, do not let the learning curve dwindle. If you can convince your new colleagues that while you are open to new ideas and processes, you also have some useful insights to share with them you will attract positive energy. Your new colleagues will also look forward to working with you.

During the first few days at a new workplace, there may be instances wherein you find yourself less competent. Do not panic. Most people go through a similar phase when they take up a new job. When you are faced with a slowdown in your new job, especially after being laid off, you tend to cling to your past and start scrutinizing yourself. Remember you are in the learning phase and not competent. So rather than raising questions on your own credibility, be more observant and gather as much information as you can. This will help you set the ball rolling.

Remember it is a failure only if you allow it to be, and having a new job obviously implies otherwise. Be confident and do not dread your future because of your past. You may have been one of the many victims of the economic slow down, but now it’s time to move on. As they say, When you reach a roadblock, take a detour. You could make this new job a stepping stone to a bright career ahead.