Today’s workplace environment

Today’s workplace is a Flat organization allowing for free voicing of opinions with no Hierarchies. In such an environment, power imbalances are bound to emerge among employers and bosses.

Today’s workplace is not simple and well charted. It no longer finds solace and comfort in well defined relationships and power centers, like the hierarchical systems followed earlier. Today’s workplace is a complex environment with people from all strata working together as a lat organization. Everyone calls the boss by the first name, 360 degree feed back is a reality and an open door policy allows voicing of opinions.

In such an environment, power imbalances are bound to happen. Some individuals by virtue of their position or personality traits begin to become power centers, often leading to imbalances at the workplace. Such power imbalances often breed resentment and anger. Are you at the receiving end at work? Do your bosses or peers undermine your opinions and thoughts? How should you change this?

Firstly, you should analyze whether you are confusing issues and imagining some one else’s over bearing power show. This might be a little difficult to do since you yourself are at the center of the issue. But learn to look at yourself and your actions objectively. Think of yourself as a third party and put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Think from his/her perspective and try and think if you were in that person’s position, would you also do the same? If you are unable to do this successfully, then narrate everything to a friend and ask him / her for an honest opinion.

You can confide in someone reliable at work and ask him/her about their thoughts as to why someone or a particular set of people are ignoring you. Give the person the comfort that he /she can be frank with you. When you ask someone for their frank opinion, be brave enough to hear it. Don’t jump at her/him if you don’t like the reasons they give.

Sometimes the solution doesn’t lie in correcting the one making the mistake, but in correcting the way you view the action. If it so emerges that there really is a problem, then try to analyze if that particular individual is jeopardizing your work in any way. If the answer to that question is no then may be you should just learn to ignore him / her.

Everyone can see through overbearing bullies at work; so don’t be under any misconception that the others don’t see what you do. The thing you must keep in mind is to continue to be kind and helpful to all at work. So what if one person decides to not behave well. There is no need for you to follow and make others think ill of you.

Sometimes it is good to stop feeling like the victim and take a step and analyze yourself. May be the problem lies with you. It could be the quality of your work or your attitude; either of which may be worth exploring, adds manager at What2giv, a corporate gifting company in Mumbai.

If your actions or traits have caused a bad reaction from a boss or peer, and if you objectively feel that their reaction is justified then it’s up to you to change that trait and solve the matter at your end.

If after, all your internal thinking and introspection you conclude that the problem is real and the power center at the office is doing you harm, then it is time to face it. Facing the problem does not mean threats and ultimatums flying across the place. You have to deal with this in a very non-adversarial way. So what can you offer to him which he/she cannot do by himself /herself. This means taking away some power by making him/her dependant on you for something.