Motivated and engaged employee will always go the extra mile

In today’s turbulent times, corporates across India Inc., are facing the ultimate challenge of improving the efficiency level of employees. And experts say that in such a scenario, creating a climate of freshness and motivation for employee through a process of constant renewal is critical.

With lay-offs and salary cuts, and of course, more work being assigned to less number of people, it has become all the more challenging to innovate ideas in order to keep up the motivation level of employees. Unique methods to do so can only provide stronger means of running a successful organization. The key is to use newer approaches that continually reinforce the fact that employees’ ideas are welcome, valued and rewarded. Engaged and motivated associates deliver better effectiveness and efficiency. Constantly improving and innovating the practices deployed to motivate the associates is a must, irrespective of the market situation.

Experts say that a motivated and engaged employee will always go the extra mile in an organization. S/he becomes the flag bearer of the organization and helps create positive perceptions in the market. Especially in times of economic turmoil, it is necessary to motivate employees and help them see the bigger picture of where the organization is headed, and this needs to be regularly re-enforced It is essential that employees see that they are major stakeholders in the accomplishment of the organization’s mission. In essence, every organization is as good as the employees, so during tough times, motivated employees will always unite to ensure that their organization is able to meet their objectives.

It is essential that employees see that they are major stakeholders in the accomplishment of the organization’s mission.

At any given point in time, irrespective of the economic scenario, it is imperative that the associates in an organization feel motivated and engaged. An associate is the most important stakeholder in an organization enabling the organization to achieve and surpass its goals constantly, which is why it is important to keep them motivated and engaged.

In today’s times, even the strongest and most powerful corporates are facing the challenge to improve the efficiency level of employees. IDBI Fortis’ innovative strategy to motivate its staff is evident from their performance management program called Goalsurance TM.

Needless to say, engaged and motivated employees create successful organizations. No strategy or corporate plan can be implemented without the committed and passionate involvement of its employees.

It is the general refrain of many of the large corporations in India today. There are many who are unemployed but most of them are unemployable. They sometime have poor technical knowledge, even though they have graduated and they have even poorer communication skills and human relations skills. They have no hobbies. And their general knowledge leaves a lot to be desired. Yet they all want to be Managers. They do not realize that the person who knows ‘how’ will always get a job. But the person who knows why in addition to how – will always be the boss – the manager.

That is why not all who graduate from college will become managers in their lifetime. But if one follows the rules of business etiquette, then the chances are that you will become a manager. And more than that, you will become a good manager.

Here are some behavioral traits that define a good manager like:

1. Never expects others to follow rules which he himself does not follow.
2. Makes time to listen to his subordinates and colleagues.
3. Returns telephone calls and emails /sms immediately if possible within 24 hours.
4. Answers important mail within four days and unimportant mail within two weeks.
5. Does not pretend to be an expert on what he is not
6. Always returns borrowed property (like books / umbrella) promptly and in good condition.
7. Never repeats a rumor that would hurt someone’s reputation.
8. Knows how to dress on the job and off the job – and understands appropriate attire for business.
9. Answers all invitations promptly, either by writing or calling,
10. Is punctual or, if delayed, always informs in advance that he will be late.
11. Picks up the bill at the restaurant when it is his turn without being overtly miserly.

Seems a big list? Perhaps it is. But in summary, it describes someone who shows consideration for others. Mr.X has had the blessing of having worked for some very good managers who did much of the above. Mr.X also had been unfortunate to work under some polite, incompetent and highly political and selfish managers, who have taken the fun out of a job, even those assignments that he had loved.

The shadow can be seen falling across their lives even in retirement, because you retire, in the same way as you have lived. The selfish managers live lonely, cold lives – the good managers are living warm, fulfilling lives with friends and well wishers.