Evolve your brand with time

The threat of potential lay-offs is making many think about ways and means to survive in their respective jobs and remain valuable. Experts suggest that by creating a unique identity through self branding, an employee can stand out from the rest at the workplace and survive any potential threats.

There are often times, when an employee may wonder, “how do I stand out in a team?” And that cannot be done by simply completing tasks assigned on time or working hard for longer hours, may not necessarily be the answer. It takes more than just one’s work and job profile to be outstanding. This is where the role of crafting your own USP comes into the picture.

In an organization which employs thousands of employees, it is very essential for an employee to stand out.

Employee should realize the importance of nurturing their skills, especially during tough times, so that they are on par with industry requirements. Also, they need to identify their strengths and work on improving them, so that they can excel in a particular field.

So how can a person go about branding oneself? A business strategist and brand value creator, an independent consulting firm suggest some tips to do it. Assess your own brand value by asking yourself, if I am not around will I be missed? If the answer is yes, then you need to further enhance your brand value. If your answer is no, then you have a lot of work to do to build your brand value. And if your answer is ‘I am not sure’ then seek the opinion of your colleagues and team members. The first thing to do while brand building is to identify the qualities and characteristics that give you an edge over the rest. Understand your strengths / abilities and use it towards your advantage at the workplace.

Maintaining good relations with people whom you deal with will also add to your brand value. One of the best ways to stand out is to actively participate in extra curricular activities as it will demonstrate your organizing and planning abilities as these tasks require a good amount of planning and organizing.

Self branding is no easy task. It comprises of identifying your best personality traits and displaying it, from time to time through enhanced performance and higher productivity. This will not only get you noticed but will also give you an edge over your colleagues.

Build your brand:

1. Be a great team mate and a supportive colleague
2. Be passionate about your job and makes others know that you are excellent in your job.
3. Finish the task assigned to you on time with exceptional quality
4. Be proactive and discuss your views on improving things with your senior officials
5. Bring in innovations into your project / tasks to make it more efficient.

There are three steps in brand Building – Introspection, Conversion and communication

Introspection requires you to define a vision for yourself (where do I want to be?) and identify key milestones to be achieved (how do I get there?) Know what your competitors are doing better than you. Know what you are doing better than them. And create a personal brand development roadmap for yourself.

Conversion requires you to evaluate your skills and capabilities and then use them in the best interest of your personal brand development. Keep asking your self, how can I connect my personal brand to very situation at work like business lunches or brainstorming sessions?

Communication requires you to clearly and consistently market your brand to your relevant audience, both effectively and efficiently. Question everything you do, every tool you use, every article of clothing you wear, etc. Are they consistent with your band? Make sure that your brand is clear. Evaluate yourself on an ongoing basis and evolve your brand with time.