Best way facing a lay-off

Due to the financial strains incurred by companies during these tough times, many are resorting to harsh measures like lay-offs. Two individuals give a first person account on how they came to terms with the loss by turning around a calamity into an opportunity.

Given the boot? Pink slipped? Shown the exit door? One goes through an array of emotions during times like these and getting over the feeling of depression, low self-esteem and rage is a daunting task. Experts suggest that it’s always wise to accept the reality cope with it and seek out ways to bounce back by making the best out of the situation in hand. How does a suddenly unemployed individual do it? Sending a scathing email to your boss or making a huge ruckus on the office premise on the last working day is certainly not an option.

The impact of a lay off in India is much higher as compared to the other countries and the trauma associated with it, too, is much larger. To move on after a layoff is not easy. Most people opt for a stop gap job till they find something of their liking. In good times, this period usually lasts for 3-4 months; however, due to the slowdown, this period may prolong. A recruitment company currently diversifying into training laid off professionals.

Take the case of AH, who was informed in November, 2008 that the organization he was working for was adversely affected by recession. He was told to look out for better avenues outside the organization as the support function he was involved with was closing down. His team that had 14 people was shown the door. And even AH, who was a general manager, marketing services at this leading company who had donned various hats, throughout his lustrous career of 23 years, had his beliefs challenged when his name too figured on the infamous list. It was the most traumatic phase of his life. Initially, he thought of fighting it out on his own without the support of his family, but it was proving difficult. Eventually, he had to tell his wife as he couldn’t keep her in the dark anymore. They unanimously decided to let our daughter remain oblivious to the situation while we resorted to drastic measures, in an endeavor to curb costs. It was vital for AH to stretch the received compensation till he was clueless as he couldn’t figure out his next career move in life. He was willing to shift industries and face the consequences of the transition. AH was ready to work on a smaller salary as well. He sought the support of his school friend who was generous enough to let me use his office space. He started calling companies for job interviews. Eventually he had the opportunity of interacting with one of his ex-colleagues who proposed to join his organization. AH had to make a transition from fixed salary format, something that he had gotten used to, to a variable commission based income. He is now concentrating on developing his business. Since the initial orders have been heartening he was confident that they will reap benefits when good times.

KV, too, has a similar story to narrate. Since he thought that his job as a software configuration engineer was safe, he believed that he was ready to shoulder higher responsibilities in life. And when he decided to tie the knot, the organization, seven days before the wedding day, broke the unfortunate news. KV says with a smile, that he is enjoying his married life. However, at the same time he is trying to upgrade his knowledge, adapt new techniques that could complement his skills while also applying for jobs, at the same time. During this endeavor his family and friends have played an active role towards keeping his motivational levels high. You need all the positivism you can conjure up from everywhere. Utilize your survival instinct to the fullest and the zest with which you could put up a fight.

The best way to go about facing a lay-off experts say is by bearing the repercussions of a lay-off head on, honing your existing skills and adopting a never say die attitude.