An effective buddy system

Staying positive isn’t easy, especially in these troubled times. And we don’t blame you if you start losing your confidence and your sense of self-worth when no company wants to hire you. But job seekers finding a job overnight during this recession is as impossible as getting a hike right now. You need to accept the fact that it will take you a bit to find a job, so keep looking. Here are some tips to help you keep your morale high when things don’t seem to be going your way.

Mentor magic: For starters, you need to find yourself a mentor who can be your confidant and guide. S/he could be a placement consultant, an industry expert or a former boss. You will feel infinitely better knowing that you have someone who can give your job search a direction. Tell him / her about what you want to do in life and discuss job openings with him / her.

You need to treat your job search like a job in itself. Don’t get too emotional about it. Congratulate yourself when you get called for an interview, whether you get the job or not. If you get rejected, try to relive the interview at home and clinically jot down areas where you might have goofed up. Try to improve on those flaws in your next interview.

Have a cribbing session with friends and family. It really helps. If you have got other friends looking for jobs, it is even better. From discussing job openings to bashing former bosses to sharing general life-is-not- fair woes – just together is a lot of fun.

Make it a point to make time for things that you enjoy doing. It could be reading watching movies, traveling, pursuing a hobby or learning a language or an instrument. These activities will not only keep you occupied, but will also help you to beat stress. After all, finding a job is not like attaining nirvana or finding some sort of a treasure trove, so don’t let it become an obsession.

Not finding a job can be quite depressing. Make sure you pamper yourself once a while. Go for a haircut, cook yourself a good meal, and buy some thing you like. No matter what happens, don’t over analyze your problem.

There are certain terms that sound very fancy when you join a new job. It is only a few months later that you realize their real meaning. Here is a funny twist on some of these terms:

1. Good communication skills: What the management communicates, you listen to figure out what they want you to do.
2. The ability to handle a heavy workload: without a whine or dissatisfaction.
3. Self motivated: Management wont answer questions
4. Might have to work overtime sometimes: Some time each night and some time each weekend.
5. Competitive environment: We have a lot of turnover.
6. Casual work atmosphere: We don’t pay enough to expect that you’ll dress up.
7. Some public relations experience required: If we are in trouble, you will go on TV and get us out of it.
8. Seeking candidates with a wide variety of experience: You will need it to replace three people who just left.
9. Problem solving skills are a must: You are walking into a company in perpetual chaos.
10. Competitive salary: We remain competitive by paying less than our competitors
11. Duties will vary: Anyone in the office can boss you around.
12. Career minded: You will need to be focused because we won’t give you any direction.

An effective buddy system:

An effective buddy system is just one of the many measures companies are adopting to provide personalized attention and comfort to their new recruits.

A new hire, especially at a junior level steps into an organization with a lot of apprehensions, right? Also his/her initial days in an organization are crucial as it is the time when an employee makes up his/ her mind about a continued stay in the organization. And an effective buddy system within the firm can help new entrants get rid of their anxieties. A buddy is an existing employee in an organization who introduces the new recruit to the people, processes and culture of the organization. The buddy program effectively integrates the new employee into the organization and makes them feel welcomed. Also, it enables employees to appropriately get oriented to the company’s work culture.

At SMS India Pvt Ltd, the buddy program starts even before the new recruit comes aboard. The buddy stays in constant touch with the new hire through calls, e-mails, coffee / snack outings etc until the date of joining. This helps the new recruit to adapt better and above all he/she feels cared for, which gives them a firm and positive first impression of the organization. The offered stage candidates feel a dip in the contact maintained by the organization. This act to the disadvantage of the organization as it allows candidates to scout for other opportunities. This can be avoided through this practice. In today’s economic scenario where organizations are engaged in calculated hiring, the buddy practice shields them by ensuring that the soon to be employee continues to feel delighted and any last moment no shows are avoided. A buddy is also able to provide psychological support too, to employee during the current tough times. The program enables sustenance of relationships long after the buddy program is officially over opines president and global head HR, Nucleus Software Exports Limited. The effectiveness of the buddy practice is not in its mere adoption but in identifying the right buddy and also in constantly updating and fine tuning the process.