Big achievers and yet Big dreamers

During work one may come across many people on a daily basis of all sorts. From one who is happy with their mediocre life, to the ones who are really happy with their work and life, to the ambitious ones and even there may be some losers. But the people who get attention right away are the ones who are Big achievers and yet Big dreamers. The more they achieve, the more they want to achieve. The more they are successful, the more success they want to create. Their philosophy is simple; “if my work will bring results of either success or failure, than I had rather put my energy in being successful”. If you are at work, then sure you are a success.

It’s never too late to build a vision for yourself. The catch is that your dream should be so big, that it should scare you, it should steal your sleep, it would make you nervous and it should make you absolutely alert. Your dream should push you and make you creative. The bigger the dream the bigger is the drive. You may not achieve the stars, but you won’t come up a handful of dust either.


When you take up something that is beyond your work at getting and maintaining a standard of excellence. That is the definition of passion; work towards progress and work in excellence. A dream project is a project done with full commitment and delivered to excellence. When you find someone immersed in his work with time standing sill, with al attention units on creating magic at work, you have made an encounter with a dreamer. And when you find someone who is distracted, whiling away his time and creating excuses and blunders, you have encountered a person trapped in something he does not want to do. You will never find a person involved in a dream project and doing a third class job around it.

The real profit is in your long term sustenance of your excellence. Your dream is for your sake, not for the sake of profit. If you continue to focus your achievements on a daily basis, profits will follow. But to focus on rewards and to make that your drive, will throw you off.

When you work at building stability versus short term rewards, you are building a legacy out of your dreams. And that standard will attract eye balls and that’s the time you will hit the real rewards. Your real glory is in stability and that comes from constant and never ending endeavor in the pursuit of excellence towards what you do.

With the changing trends of India Inc., the face of the motivational speaker has also changed. Here’s a look at how organizations are exploring this wave.

Imagine you are sitting for a motivational conference, expecting a CEO or a trainer to talk about what it takes to be successful, and to your surprise you see your favorite actor walk on the podium and talk about his experience in the field. While many may feel this could be once in a few years occurrence, experts of India Inc. say that with the changing times, the face of the motivational speaker has also changed. Experts of India Inc. say that more than the management it’s the employee that look forward to having such speakers. They say that employees now want inspiration and motivation that is no longer text book based. In this day and age of a constant information barrage via newspapers, magazines, TV, internet and books, the usual corporate style motivational speakers may be considered a little over exposed. So people seek a change, they seek something different.

While most organizations have had many CEOs and HR heads as motivational speakers many of them are moving beyond this realm and exploring newer avenues.

At Symphony they have invited David Wittenberg (CEO, The innovation Workgroup) to spend two days and address the Symphony teams on innovation. Given that Symphony has been involving over 80 per cent of its employees in its innovation program/process for the last two years; this session by Wittenberg was very well appreciated.

We sometimes have NGO workers come in and speak. The most recent were two speakers from Akshaya Patra. We also occasionally have an author speak, such as Neeraj Chhibba who wrote the novel.

It is very inspiring to hear the story of how somebody overcame huge disadvantages and even tragedies to ultimately triumph. —