Seiton System Improvement Implementation Policy

P and his job leader organized the information from the three points of view into categories and worked out their improvement themes based on it.

Improvements for safety Seiton system (steps):

Take tools and fixtures from the tool rack, carry them into the workshop all at once, arrange them in order of use at safe distances, directions, and decide the order of Seiton steps so that tool setting can be done easily.

Improvements for safety devices:

Use a safety device which will stop machinery it detects any foreign substances.

Improvements for maintenance and handling of safety tools and fixtures box:

1) Decide the types and numbers of safety tools and fixtures to be stored in the tools box, and use it for carrying the tools every time tool setting changes are made.
2) Return safety tools and fixtures to this box after use; do not put them in any other box.
3) After use, check to make sure all safety tools and fixtures have been returned; do not begin the next operation until they are in position.

Setting roles and standards for safety operations

1) During dangerous operations, check every step of the operation for safety before proceeding with it. When a safety device is used, the machinery will not run even if it is turned on.
2) Turn on the safety device, check to make sure that the red lamp is on, them remove irregularities or repair the cause for stop page; after the repair is made, check it again before turning off the safety device, the begin regular operations.

Improving tool setting operations:

1) Ram attachment, which until now has been an inside tool setting item, is changed to outside tool setting. It is recommended to make minute adjustments in the beginning by making tool setting attachment with adjustment jigs, so that later minute adjustments.
2) Use clinching jigs on the press to make one touch attachments. Of the above five improvements, P and his group leader decided to make the main system improvement which would both prevent accidents and raise productivity.

The main Improvement Points for improvement theme emphasizing:

Operation Tools and Fixtures for Press Tool setting >

Main improvement points for safety Seiton system (steps):

For assembly system>>

Workers will look into the tools box for the tool, and fixture numbers, division numbers, and tools box (rack-style) division numbers, tool fixture numbers, and amount of each as specified in the tool setting change operation guidance charts; verify them with the division, tool, and fixture numbers and sketches; put the items into the safety tools box used for transportation, and store them in the appropriate place in accordance with safety operations and safety rules.

Put this box on the tools transportation car, and carry it all together to the tool setting workshop, and position it for the beginning of tool setting operations.

Tool setting operations will be done while moving the equipment transportation car around the metal moulds.

For Kit system:

Look up the kit tool box numbers and division numbers in the tool setting guidance chart, go to the equipment box (rack style), verify the kit tool box numbers and the division numbers, put the items on the tools transportation car in accordance with safety operations and safety rules, carry them to the tool setting workshop all together, and position them for the beginning of tool setting operations.

Improvements for safety devices:

1) Ram will not move if there is an abnormality between R and metal mould.

Expected results after Improvements:

If the above improvements are made, the following effects can be expected.
1) Accidents will decrease drastically
2) Tool setting time will be greatly reduced. The amount of time reduced will contribute to an increase in production time.
3) Time saved in not having to take care of accidents will results in an increase in actual production time.

Preventive Measures:

Reducing accidents will not only raise productivity and profit, but will also affect the future lives of workers. Good preventive measures should definitely be initiated.

1) Write up a Seiton step (system) manual of safety operations.
2) Write up a manual for maintaining and running safety devices.
3) Make regular checks to ensure improvements are being carried out. When a signal is given, workers will make five minute self checks.
4) Always do machine setting with a supervisor present.