Organized coaching or private tuitions?

Organized coaching classes offer several benefits that individual teaching cannot provide.

Individual tuitions by individual teachers have their disadvantages when you consider an organized coaching establishment vis-à-vis group tuition. Organized classes offer many advantages, both tangible and intangible, when compared to what an individual teacher can offer.

A private teacher generally has a dual role to play that of a teacher and of a course administrator for conducting tests, assessments, scheduling and other activities, making if difficult for him or her to do justice to either role. On the contrary a coaching institute offers well organized and structured tuitions, drawn out with great consideration, while administration experts independently handle the course administration.

The advantages of organized coaching institutes: Coaching classes provide every student with extensive well researched and well structured printed study material in user friendly modules. They conduct assessment programs, preliminary exams and prepare model problems and solutions.

At a coaching class, since the teaching and course administration are done separately by professionals, the students is given a lot of practice through tests, homework, group assignments and others such practices. The results are declared promptly so that the students find enough time to work on his short comings.

Since a coaching institute has several batches: there are many opportunities to attend a missed lecture or a topic in other batches; this may not be possible with a private tutor.

All subjects are covered under one roof and experts are employed to give tuitions, which offer opportunities to students to clear up doubts and confusion thoroughly. This is not possible with a private tuition teacher where the student has to travel to different places to attend classes for various subjects, wasting precious time.
In a private tuition, a student’s exposure to the actual real world competition is limited. That is why it is often seen that a student who is doing really well in private tuitions does not fare well in the actual examination. At a coaching class, to do well, one has to face a great deal of healthy competition which in turn builds his competitive spirit.

At a coaching class, since teaching is separated from course administration in a professional manner, it is easy to keep parents informed about their ward’s progress. Use of modern tools and technology web support, SMS alerts help enhance the quality of tuitions and interaction between the student and the faculty.

Better and hygienic infrastructure classrooms equipped with well ser serviced air conditioners, and clean toilets all simulate the actual classroom atmosphere. Organized coaching classes have many faculty members; hence too much dependence on one Individual professor is reduced considerably.

Regular feedback is taken from students about the teaching methods of the faculty which is not possible in private tuitions. This helps monitor maintain and continuously enhance the quality of teaching. There is an effort to make continuous improvement in the study material, teaching methodology assessment and tabulation of results. It is the practical implementation of the methodology that makes the difference between an individual tutorial and an organized coaching establishment.

And last, but not the least, the coaching institute, through its career counseling cell, can provide valuable guidance to the students with the help of field which is not possible for a private for a private tutor. This kind of help is very important to the students for making informed decisions about their careers.

In a private tuition the student is dependent on just one teacher who may be specialized in a few subjects and not all the subjects required by the student. For the others the student may to depend up on self study or if he can afford has to take tuitions from other teachers. The student thus has to spend most of his time in tuitions without getting rest and time for self study or revision of the subjects.–

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