Newer areas of work opening up

Many professionals who have been laid off jobs due to recession are also going back to school to enhance their skills sets and utilizing the time available to them during the recession layoffs.

Interestingly, with globalization and newer areas of work opening up, education is no longer restricted to pure academics; several short term unconventional courses are also available for students of all ages, IT, business management, biotechnology, media studies, a architecture and interior designing, hospitality and tourism management, fashion technology and many other courses are emerging almost every day, widening the scope of education. Many of these courses are available to working professionals, from the convenience of their homes, thanks to online and distance learning opportunities.

A visiting faculty at various management institutes and an e-commerce consultant says there is the need for specialization and various new fields mushrooming across the globe has created opportunities and the need for various different courses which in turn has created scope for academic adventure which we definitely missed out on. Because of this, students moving with more commitment towards their courses with a greater desire to excel as they have taken charge of their lives in their hands.

With an attitude like this, youngsters today are enthusiastic to take on the world and explore avenues. Hence, course designers and experts in various fields are busy finding ways to train young people. Many large corporates in print and broadcast media, architectural firms and private players are opening their own institutes and academics to train students.

A visiting professor in various colleges for media studies says, the most important trend that is emerging is de-linking one’s life with interest in studies. Success in one’s career is no longer dependent on interest in pure academics as those who are inclined towards creative art in public speaking can take up courses in their choice of field in designing or in fields like radio jockeying or voice modulation or making a career as dubbing artists, comperes and other such areas. There are just many branches in various fields it is just matter of finding your niche.

Today there are micro branches in animation as well and application of animation has gone beyond films and television to even medical and engineering fields which are amazing.

It is an era of super specialization and that is very interesting as that is going to create new employment avenues and absorb so many youths who can contribute meaningfully to society.

Of courses many people feel that too many options have also created much confusion. Too much information and too many options leave student aspirants quite confused. Some times they make wrong choices and then they are depressed or frustrated. They are upset about failing in their chosen careers.

With so many courses available, they require professional counseling infrastructure. It is the lack of direction, rather than explosion of option and information, which is to be blamed. Experienced counselors with sharp analytical minds are required with fine abilities to match talent and inclination with the right career option.

The other factor which creates fear of failure and non-performance is the peer-pressure and unnecessary competition among the peer groups. Students pre-determine the course of their life and plan it to the last detail which may go awry.

Overall both students and parents are happy about the emerging career options that are ready to take India on to a different level altogether. There is no dearth of talent and with so many career options available it is as if the world has opened up for those who are willing to take on the challenge and find their place under the sun.