New world Hospitality Industry

The Hospitality industry all over the world has always looked to people who are the best match to the job profile available. It has always come forward with the most lucrative benefits for people with the required skill sets.

Although the hospitality industry exists with many faces and facets, the people requirements today have undergone certain fundamental changes. Therefore the earlier norms for and Degree/Diploma in Hotel Management for a position are now considered as incomplete as far as the skill sets required are concerned. Institutes which have prestigious resource bases in the industry alone mould their programs in a way to match the skills and keep the campus recruitment figures healthy.

With recession looming over the world and over the entire gamut of industries and enterprises, job profiles are becoming more complex. A single specialization is almost out of circulation where a lucrative job profile is offered.

In the hospitality industry of yesteryear, the fields of Hotel Management, Travel and Tourism and Event Management were individually able to provide a lucrative job to a candidate. In the present scenario of cut throat competition increased expectations and dwindling profit bases, the managements of many world renowned establishments are revising the job profiles in favor of multi skilled employees.

Although multi-skilling was a thought propagated by the International Labor Organization about a couple of decades back, no one thought that the time had come for taking the approach to our training schools. It was ITM, who took the initiative and naturally the students are in demand within a wider spectrum of opportunities.

Apart from providing Degree programs affiliated to Mumbai University and the prestigious Queen Margaret University UK, considering the multi skill requirements of the industry, ITM Institute of hotel Management also provides industry’s first Dual certificate program in Hotel Management.

This program is offered in collaboration with two of the country’s top most Institutes namely EMDIO Institute of Media and Communication and Kuoni Academy of travel. The Dual Certification program combines the ITM IHM bachelor Degree in Hotel Management with a Post graduate Diploma in either Travel and Tourism Management or Event Management.

The students can thus achieve more specialization, get higher industry exposure and more lucrative career opportunities as the courses have been crafted to suit the needs of the current hospitality industry.

The institute for Technology and Management (ITM) was established by 1991 under the ITM Group. The Institute is India’s first truly private, non-aided and not for profit B-schools. The grit and determination to excel soon saw the expansion of ITM in the form of not just the Institutes but campuses at Bangalore (1990), Chennai (1993) and Warangal (1994). The establishment of specialized ITM Global Leadership Center (2002) and ITM Institute of Financial Markets (2003) had to follow with the quality of education imbibed since the beginning. As on today ITM is on a rock solid foundation with campuses in six cities, 11 institutes of repute and over 4,500 students. Apart form this ITM is also a premier executive education provider with centers in Mumbai and Chennai.

The role of ITM s to build a strong India with individuals capable to think, act and lead the increasingly complex business world. ITM strongly believes in the positive change that can be brought about by the individuals, when they are empowered with knowledge to analyzer, confidence to act on their decisions and perseverance to lead others in the pursuit of change.

The ITM institute of Hotel Management is one of the country’s premier Hospitality Schools and was established in 2002 with campuses in Navi Mumbai and Bangalore. The Institute conducts a number of programs such as BA International Hospitality Management (in collaboration with Queen Margaret University College, UK), B Sc. Hospitality Studies (affiliated to Mumbai University) and a two year Advanced Chef Diploma Program (in collaboration with Niagara-On-The-Lake Culinary School, Canada).

The degree programs offered by the ITM IHM in the foiled of Hotel Management consist of a wide variety of course in hospitality, business management, technical skills, laboratory work and industrial training and are some of the most respected courses around the world.

ITM IHM provides you great value for your effort by allowing you to achieve much more. With its unique dual certificate programs combined with highly respected Bachelors programs in Hospitality Management, ITM IHM offers you a choice of Post graduate Diplomas in Travel and Tourism Management or Event Management.