Careers beyond 2009 and IT

The academic year has ended for most courses and students are busy planning their next career moves. Intense competition, limited opportunities and rising cost of education is making even the most competent students worry about their future. In order to help students of various backgrounds realize their true potential, Foreign Academic Consultancy and Training (FACT) a professional career guidance organization, is actively conducting research for availability of career opportunities and scholarships abroad. The organization has 10 offices spread all over Maharasthra. In the last eight years, FACT has guided more than 5000 students for higher education.

While elaborating on the success of its students FACT says that a well planned strategy, thorough preparations and accurate guidance can get a large amount of scholarships.

A Unique Career Opportunity after HSC:

Planning careers after HSC and Diploma has become a nightmare in recently years. Intense competition for entrance tests and the necessity of taking different tests for different careers has left students and parents immensely concerned. One good and workable option for such students is to study abroad. The competition is far less and Indian students perform much better on international campuses making them eligible for high scholarships. So, low cost of education and the easy admissions process has attracted an increasing number of students to plan their careers abroad. However, most students and parents are unaware about the process and procedure or planning a successful career abroad. Such students and parents will definitely benefit from information provided in these seminars.

Engineers traditionally have been the largest community of students going abroad. However, ample opportunities are available for graduates of different disciplines. These seminars will give specific information on scholarships available BE, MBBS, BHMS, BAMS, BDS, BPT, Bio tech, and B Sc., M Sc students. In order to make a successful career abroad, the students need to have a clear strategy, an ability not just to collect information but Analyze the information and work in a disciplined manner right from the first step of preparing for GRE. Moreover, at every stage of preparation, students should know its likely impact on the admissions and scholarships decision. This will result in reducing the cost of education to a substantial 75%.

The seminars will guide on how to prepare for GRE, the technique of selecting right universities and right program and most importantly, how to manage finances. Students and their parents are welcome to join this talk.

MBA has been a guaranteed ticket to career success for some time now. It offers an attractive, glamorous, secured career opportunity and therefore most graduates are looking at MBA entrance tests as gates of career heaven. But the gate does not let all aspirants enter. The fact that only 2% of the aspirants make it to the stop shows clear lack of strategy and self evaluation amongst the mad rush of candidates.

Given the global economic scenario, the year 2009 will be a challenging year because of reduction in discretionary IT spending. However, global outsourcing can help organizations tide over difficult times by maintaining competitiveness. Greater focus on cost and operational efficiencies in these challenging times will enhance global sourcing should help the India IT Software Services industry. Also lack of working age population in the developed economies and significant cost arbitrages will continue keeping India’s cost competitiveness.

In the coming years to keep with the competition, employees will be required to upgrade skill as well as become multi-skill to add value to organization. We will also be seeing a huge change in the working style of employees across globe. Few of these theories are already in to implementation stage like follow the sun. The next generation of employees will be expected to be, young at heart, ready to explore take more risk and collaborative.

Employees, being other side of coin for the Industry will also be given their due share, a conscious focus on human capital and its welfare will be the core object of every progressive organization.