Crash Courses for knowledge enhancement

Remember seeing boards and pamphlets of Rapid English speaking classes, basic computer skills or certificate courses in trains, stations, and various public places? These are short term courses that have a gained a lot of importance in recent times and are growing popular among the masses. These short term courses are available in practically every field today. Many Universities and colleges have accommodated these courses in their curriculum. Short term courses help to enhance your skills in a chosen area of specialization and help prepare you with a skill in this competitive world. Short term courses range from period of ten days to a year.

Many short term courses have basic, medium and advance levels. It also depends upon person to person. If a person has basic knowledge of any field, then instead of pursuing a detailed course, he can go for an advanced level to upgrade his knowledge on the subject. Diploma courses too are offered in various fields like computers, fashion designing, beauty, technical courses like plumbing, repair and maintenance work to the currently popular flavors like web design, animation and graphics. Earlier, these courses were not popular as emphasis was more on the degree courses. However, with changing times, these crash courses have caught attention as more and more people are opting for them.

Short term courses in Computers have been popular lately. Areas like Computer Hardware, Information Technology are more in demand. Institutes like Aptech, Welingkar’s offer many such short term or certificate courses. Aptech Institute offers courses in Java technologies, Oracle, Dot-net, Database programming languages among others. Welingkar Institute also offers several six months to one year diploma programs for learners in industrial management, marketing management, tax management, human resource management etc.

Web designing, graphics and animation are gaining popularity as fields like advertising as fields like advertising and media depend a lot on this. Institutes like Image have certificate courses in mobile gaming, graphics and animation, e-learning, web designing, flash programming graphic designing, visual effects and much more., which provides a steeping stone for students wanting to enter the digital world of computers. The best is the jobs in this field draw huge pay packets.

Fashion is another popularly subscribed area of interest. National Institute of Fashion Technology, National Institute of Design, Sasmira and many other private players offer a plethora of courses like fundamentals of fashion and design, trend and fashion forecasting among others. These courses can enable people who want to learn fashion designing on special subjects.

Certificate courses on beauty have sprung up everywhere. These courses too depend on the specialized area of interest. Shahnaz Husain’s Beauty Institute has various short courses from basic courses like make up, facial, hair styling to nail art, skin therapy, spa, massage and so on. These courses cover every aspect of beauty from head to toe. These courses prove beneficial especially for women who are not interested in an academic curriculum. Many women have carved a successful career and brand name for themselves as beauticians. Not to forget the merging field of hair cut alone. Many present themselves as celebrity hairstylists and even offer training through their plush academics.

Technical course related to repair and maintenance of air conditioners, refrigerators, television, electrician, machines, welding have also paved the way for reasonable career graphs for many. Niche courses for personality development, communication skills, and corporate training act as a finishing school, refining and grooming them to become professionals.

A health care management professional who takes short term courses along with regular courses, as a visiting faculty says, these provide insights into specific careers. They are helpful for people, who are doing their jobs and want to upgrade their knowledge in their area of expertise alongside their job. They help in getting extra edge.

These courses play a pivotal role in the current situation. Many people are experiencing job cuts and instead of sitting at home, these crash courses can prove useful. Home makers, amateurs can also be benefited by these courses in a span of time.

Any up-gradation of knowledge base will always show results in the long run. So, dedicating time to these courses will not be a waste and it is more than likely to shape your future.