Certification will be the differentiating factor in IT services career

CMS is one of the most well known names in IT services delivery for the past 30 years. Banking, finance, insurance, airports, retail, transport, travel, education, oil and gas, are among the many verticals for which CMS has been delivering IT services. The quality of delivery of IT services thrives on the availability of technologically skilled manpower. The manpower skills required for IT services range from the lowest to the highest, based purely on the type of the project to be managed.

The IT service delivery skills are not part of the curriculum of any University or Board in India. This makes it difficult for IT services companies like CMS, to recruit manpower for IT services from colleges. CMS could envision the lack of skilled IT services manpower once India would became an IT powerhouse, and hence through CMS Institute, its education arm., it has focused on developing such key skills.

At the outset, there is nothing like a hardware and networking segment. It’s all about delivery of IT services primarily comprising of hardware maintenance, application support, desktop management, server monitoring, network administration, information security and storage. Job opportunities are surely not shrinking for certified personnel, both fresh and experienced. There is a correction in recruitments that are happening in this segment and the focus now, is on offering opportunities to certified personnel.

Students normally make up their mind based on articles they read in print or the Web. Social networking sites add to the confusion. Since organizations employing personnel for IT services are making it a point to employ only quality manpower, those students who come with only primary level skills and with weak communication skills are finding it difficult to make the mark. The students need to back technology acceptable certifications and customer management skills.

Students normally fall in the 100% Job Guarantee trap and feel that on attending any program or course, related to Hardware and Networking they will be provided employment by the respective institutions. Most students also feel that having a certificate of participation from any leading institute fetch them a job. Attending a grooming or personality development session also does not improve their chances of fetching jobs. Certifications mean globally acceptable certifications from principals and vendors who own a particular product or technology. Students should opt for institutes that have formidable experience.

If one wishes to train in customer management skills in the IT service delivery field, it is wiser to approach an institute who, through their IT services division, knows exactly what, when and how IT services are delivered.

Having good communication and technology skills without certifications and customer management skills reduce employability opportunities.

Certifications from Microsoft, Red Hat, IBM, Oracle, Cisco, Sun, EMC etc help students improve employability opportunities. These certification exams are conducted by neutral bodies like Pro-metric and VUE and hence acceptable globally.

Customer management skills unlike communication or English speaking skills include building skills effectively dealing with various kind of technology failure situations, team building understanding Service Level Agreement Service Level Agreement delivery use of metrics within IT help desks, problem solving skills escalation of customer site issues beyond self or team’s management ability effective communications.

CMS company is a pioneer in delivery of IT services in India and this experience was transformed in to delivering training in the same segment. They know exactly what the industry needs in terms of certifications and customer management skills to deliver IT services. Their partners like Microsoft, Red hat, IBM, Oracle, Pro-metric, VUE and others have only helped them deliver the training effectively through organized curriculum and certification oriented testing facility. CMS looks at offering official training programs from other vendors mentioned above. Their experience, international partner based curriculum, training methodology, ethical certification processes and overall service delivery experience makes the training institution for students to develop IT service delivery knowledge and skills.

Any skill that you achieve post academic education must help you in your professional environment directly or indirectly. IT is the single most important and common factor to any industry globally. Knowledge of hardware maintenance, network administration, information security and storage helps you go a long way in delivering IT services. Certification on technology or product from any international technology giant strengthens your employability chances. Customer management skills help you deliver IT services effectively. What and when you learn these skills along with from where and how you achieve this certification will be the differentiating factor in your IT services career.