Higher education through distance learning

Professionals can now pursue their dream of gaining higher education even as they gain experience in the corporate world, thanks to distance learning and virtual classrooms.

Nowadays if one’s CV isn’t endorsed by a management qualification, then the CV is incomplete. A degree from a good management institute or a course in management in this era matters a lot and adds immense value to the profile. A majority of people start their career immediately after passing out of degree college or start work early because of their personal constraints and are not able to pursue their dream of a higher education. Some try but don’t succeed while some look at it as a lost opportunity.

The courses strike the right balance for people caught between their career and educational pursuits.

But, now through Distance Learning one has a golden opportunity to pursue their dream of higher education while they simultaneously pursue their career in the Corporate world. Employment opportunities are multifold and the value of management education is also growing. With high attrition levels, corporates too are encouraging employees to enhance their education and even sponsoring programs offered by reputed management institutions.

Since 1977, Welingkar has been offering Distance Learning Courses or part Time Courses aimed at career enhancement and knowledge growth. These are recognized by the Distance Education Council (Govt of India). The faculty books and study material are integral to the quality of the program. The online examination system that can be taken from various centers across the country, provide students the flexibility to choose the date and venue for examination proving to be an extensive support for working individuals.

The duration of the various courses offered by Welingkar such as the Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA) ranges from 2 to 3 years and the diploma courses range from six months to one year.

Post Graduate Diplomas in Business Administration (PGDBA) has been designed to create an opportunity for busy professionals or those who are not able to pursue a full time program due to various reasons to fulfill their dream of a higher education.

The program is divided into four semesters. The first semesters are generic and common to all students across the various specialization offered, viz., marketing, finance, human resources, operations, retail management, supply chain management, e-business, banking investments and insurance international business and general management.

In this competitive age, degree from a management institute adds immense value to one’s CV

Now, thanks to distance learning, one can gain these qualifications from the comfort of one’s home.

The Unique features which Welingkar offers is the customized Personal Contact Program PCP and Virtual classroom facility.

During Personal Contact Program, few of the major concepts are explained which gives an opportunity for students to clarify doubts related to the examination or curriculum. PCPs also encourages peer interaction amongst the students as they come from varied backgrounds and work in organizations across sectors.

Welingkar has pioneered many new concepts in distance education to enhance the convenience and flexibility out of which one is the Virtual classroom facility where students cane see, hear and participate in live lectures and clarity their doubts through online discussions with professors. The institute conducts live lecture sessions from its campus studio. Students availing VCF can attend these lectures using a computer, from their residence. They also participate in live Question& Answers sessions to resolve academic queries and participate in live quiz tests during the lecture to gauge their knowledge and understanding.

Welkingkar also offers One year and Six month Diploma programs which offer a lot of convenience and flexibility to the students. One year Diploma Programs are offered in the areas like Business Management, Industrial Management, Marketing Management, Human resources Management, Materials Management and Financial Management.

Six month Diploma Programs are offered in areas like Advertisement and Public Relation, Entrepreneurship Management, Tax Management (DTM) and Export Import Management.

These courses give aspirants a chance to gain knowledge in the field in which they are currently working/studying. All this can be done without traveling distances. Certainly these courses are seen as the value adds. As a working professional, one benefits from applying the same concepts that one learns, in your current work environment. Corporates now expect an employee to have additional knowledge about their field or industry which are provided by B-schools and hence such courses are recommended by them.

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