Online Universities

The role of Internet in today’s world just cannot be neglected. Internet has completely changed the way of life. Be it business or entertainment, the entire world is just a click away from your desktop. And education is no exception. An individual in a remote part of India can earn a university degree from the University of London by simply enrolling for their online degree program. Internet has broken distance barriers taking education beyond the geographic restrictions. Universities across the globe are offering their curriculum via the web and students too are encashing the opportunity as they increasingly subscribe to online learning.

Online education is a non traditional form of teaching that goes beyond classroom teaching. An online degree program is in essence, mobile education. An online program essentially runs through audio visual and e-learning modules. Through the use of Internet the much needed interaction between the students and the teachers remains intact. If you are starved of time and money or working full time, getting your degree online is a better option. It brings along a great amount of flexibility too in getting the desired education. You can work at your convenience and operate right from inside your house. And as the world gets increasingly more connected into a global village, Internet will continue to play an important role in making online education popular.

According to experts, the online student population world over is expanding by 30 per cent a year, with over 75 per cent of traditional colleges and universities getting into the market. Online education has become a viable and valuable option for those who cannot manage to do a full time course but yet wish to achieve the dream qualification. Different universities all over the world are putting up a range of subjects and courses that can be done online, thereby enlarging the choice for the aspiring student.

However, before one jumps into the online pool of education, one needs to know the subject of interest, research about the universities, talk to students and teachers already involved and brush up with technical requirements. One important factor while zeroing on your university will have to be to see that the university is accredited; else what you get may turn out to be a fake degree.

Getting a degree online is extremely popular in countries abroad and many of them also offer their courses online to the Indian students. Considering the fact that more than half the population in India today is below 25 years of age and the number of Internet users is continuously growing, e-learning is gaining prominence in India slowly but steadily. Reputed institutes like IIM, IIET and IIFT are today offering e-learning courses to cater to the need. It makes learning easier as one need not have to attend classes and can work from home at their convenience. Many e-learning portals in India also conduct mock tests and entrance tests for various competitive exams like management, engineering, medical and so on. And if you are waiting to pursue that quint-essential MBA degree, you can pick the best university across the world and study the program online. Talks are already on about conducting the Common Admission Test (CAT) online from this year.

Distance education is another popular mode of learning and it is slightly different from online education. While all online degree programs can be termed as distance learning courses, it is difficult to call distance learning courses as online courses. This is because the technology used in both the modes may be different in some cases. Most of the open universities do call students on site for the final exams, which is normally not the case with online education.

Distance learning courses in India have been there for a while and are increasingly becoming popular. Through the availability of distance learning courses, a person has the choice to pursue education from any state or university that he or she desires. They have also gained momentum especially in rural areas where there is a dearth of good educational institutions. At present there are 11 open universities in India that provide distance education. Moreover there are more than 54 distance learning institutes in India that cater to the needs of higher education in India. The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), which is a premier institute of distance learning in India, was established primarily to provide distance education to less advantaged sections of the society.

In Maharashtra, the Mumbai University has a department for distance education. Other well known institutions for distance education in Maharashtra include the Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University headquartered at Nashik, Shivaji University in Kolhapur, SNDT Women’s UNievrsity in Mumbai and Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeth in Pune, to name some.

For those who cannot take out time for a full time course, the option of online education and distance education is a blessing. And with the spurt of Internet, these courses are not only becoming popular with students but also extremely easy to pursue. Take it as another benefit of the advancing technology.

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