Manage your manager

Learn to manage your manager (boss) whether s/he is a bully or a bad leader. Most of us must have worked with a difficult boss at some point in life. But the next time s/her drives you mad take a deep breath and then try to handle your boss’s mood better. Like it or not, the truth is that bosses play a key role in determining your career success. So it makes sense to learn how to manage every kind of boss to help you get ahead in every situation. Here’s how to deal with five common offenders.

Whether it’s your boss’s people skills or the inability to tackle problems working under a manager who does not measure up means, you are unsupported and you have no one to go in your time of need. It is a case of a ‘Bad Leader’ boss.

You obviously can’t tell your boss that s/he is a bad leader. Instead show some compassion. Your boss may not have had proper management training, which makes your boss very vulnerable. Instead, acknowledge your boss’ other strengths – s/he must have done something right to get this for.

We suggest you sit down with your boss, tell him/her how you would like to work and also find out how s/he’s like you to work. It might feel annoying to be the one taking charge, but the end results will be that you have a better understanding of what is expected from you.

This kind of boss has absolutely no problem shouting at you in front of ten people, which leaves you feeling defensive, incompetent and, at times, humiliated. S/he can just make your life miserable by criticizing your every move.

The only way to fix this is by confronting him/her with a three step plan. First, concentrate on their actions and don’t make it too personal. For instance, don’t talk about when you shot me down in flames, instead talk about, when you criticized my idea.

You should tell your boss about the impact this kind of behavior actually has on your performance. And third, acknowledge you own contribution to your conflict – this shows you are taking responsibility for it too, before offering a solution to resolve things.

This kind of boss spends most of his/her day complaining and is never satisfied with anyone’s work. A drama king or queen’s inability to stay calm means that there’s a constant state of crisis when s/he’s around, leaving you feeling jittery about your abilities and suffering from a totally unpredictable workload.

Your boss either needs to be the center of attention or has poor time management skills. We suggest you breathe deeply or just pop out for a walk – whatever it takes to keep you calm so you don’t lose your focus. Explain (during your boss’s non-drama moments) that when s/he bursts into office demanding things, it has detrimental affect, on your performance. And if things don’t change, use the opportunity to become their right hand by helping coordinate tasks – your colleagues and your boss will love you for it.

Whether male or female, a boss who uses flirt tactics to get their one way can be real tricky. Their suggestive manner means you or your colleagues are never sure how to respond to them.

The idea of fun at work for one may be unacceptable to another. If you feel that your boss has crossed a line, look him/her in the eye and tell your boss firmly that you do like it. Report to the HR, if needed and log out exactly what happened. Well if things still don’t improve it might lead to disciplinary action.

The control freak: This kind of boss can make you feel frustrated by keeping a watch on all your moves, leaving you with an impression that s/he doesn’t trust you at all. S/he tells you want to do and how to do. This kind of boss is never satisfied with anything and can never make up his/her mind.

The secret to dealing with control freaks is to calm them down rather than upset them by reacting. Don’t take their behavior personally. Be willing to see your superior’s behavior from an understanding perspective. Some people need a lot of detail. The best way to curb your frustration is to start giving your boss the details required before you’re even asked for it.

But the constant check ups might be down to distinct. Address the issue directly. Say that you can’t do your best like this and outline what you’d prefer instead. Then discuss how you can meet his/her need and agree to review the situation.