Go beyond brand names in securing jobs – Recession

The looming Recession and lackluster Job Scene has left many fresh graduates Feeling the heat Jobs are hard to come by and the wait is becoming frustrating.

Pay cuts, job losses and recruitment freeze have become commonplace in today’s market place, owing to recession. People with several years of work experience are encountering this unsavory trend. Evidently, the plight of recent graduates is also not looking up. However, tough times have strengthened these youngsters and many of them are working hard at coping with the recession.

An empty mind is a devil’s workshop and many graduates have taken these words to heart. So instead of languishing their free time, they are keeping themselves busy. A student, who recently completed an MBA in Finance and has been looking for jobs since December last year, has made a work out of the job hunt. He wakes up late and after getting ready and devotes most of his time hunting for job openings over the internet. He surfs internet for a job and company websites and cold call HR people of companies to check if they have any openings. The responses may not been very encouraging, but MBA student seeks solace in trying rather than throwing up his arms. He spends a lot of time meeting up friends. Thanks to recession a lot of my friends are in a similar situation. Meeting and talking to them makes me feel better. Besides, it’s better than staying at home all day.

She had been looking for some work experience before pursuing either an MCA or MSc IT. However due to recession, getting a job is tough, so she spends time studying for the CET, working out at a gym and meeting friends. Thinking too much about a problem makes it seem worse. So it’s best to keep busy and avoid over thinking

The viability of entrepreneurship in today’s market scenario is debatable. But that hasn’t stopped youngsters from exploring the option. After six months of futile job hunt, a recent management graduate, decided to explore entrepreneurship. He was not willing to short sell because of the market conditions. With good jobs hard to come by, he decided to head out on his own by starting a business that compromises training schools to help students with memory enhancement. The student has been devoting a lot of time to his upcoming venture and is hopeful about its prospects. Besides taking up his time, doing something he likes, keep his spirits up.

Education counselor feels that now may be the right time for graduates to hit the books. A lot of graduates are in a hurry to get jobs, despite the economy not fairing well. They can in fact use this time to get further qualifications because it helps in the long run. There are a variety of courses open to students looking at further education ranging from Master’s to PG diploma and correspondence courses.

Expectation can lead to much frustration for many youngsters on the look out for suitable jobs. A reputed psychiatrist says that the number of students visiting him owing to rising frustration because of a lack of jobs has tripled. He advises such students to keep it real. Many-a-times youngsters may have bragged about their prospects to their family and friends. So, it’s best that one doesn’t play hide-and-seek and admits that finding jobs is a problem because of recession. They must understand that the problem is an outcome of the market situation rather than their own merit. The parents play a pivotal role in helping their child cope with the pressure. Most youngsters are not as upset about themselves as they are about letting their parents down. They get depressed when they are unable to secure jobs or land up with low paying placements. They might feel that the money their parents spent on their education has been squandered. Parents need to support their children and help them cope with such feelings.

On the practical front, Students need to go beyond brand names. There are many small and medium enterprises that continue to hire people. Students should be looking at these as well. Being extremely specific about the job profile can create problems, especially when one is starting out with a career. Students should be willing to experiment with broader job profiles. The overall focus should be on learning not earning. Also, seeking immediate gratification can cause frustration. Just because one has a particular qualification doesn’t mean that s/he can get a job easily. Lastly, this is a good time to self introspect and ask if one’s soft skills are in place and the bio data is rightly presented. —