Improvement of implementation for jigs and tools

Improvements for safety Seiton system (steps) for jigs and tools and fixtures

1) The jigs and tools and fixtures necessary for the work at hand will be laid out on the work table in an order and position for easy use. Extra items will not be taken.

2) Specialized tools which are used only for a certain machine will be kept in the tools box of the worker who uses it. Other equipment will be taken from the equipment cabinet only when necessary.

Improvements for safety equipment box (hand carried)

1) Common use jigs and tools, mounts and fixtures, and specialized cutting tools, etc. will be carried in a tool box (hand carried) When operations are completed, they will be returned to that box.
2) The divisions in the tools box will be arranged so that the items which are to be carried will not move around and can be taken out easily.

Improvement for safety Seiton storage cabinet

1) The tool storage cabinet will become the safety Seiton storage cabinet. Only the tools which are used for all the machines will be stored there.
2) Arrange tools in operational order and position so that it can be taken out easily, and injuries will not occur.
3) Use the cabinet to its fullest by utilizing the wall, etc. Make item-name labels and sketches.

Make a list of tools to use as an index:

Make a list of tools which includes the name of each, its cabinet division number, date of purchase, and history of repairs. Place it in a plastic bag, and hang it inside the safety Seiton storage cabinet so that it can be referred to whenever necessary.

Improvements for safety tool Seiri system (steps):

1) In order to have an effective Seiton system a good Seiri system is necessary
2) Each time work is over, clean the tool, and then do Seiri with Seiton in mind.
3) During work, every time operations are repeated tool should be returned to its original position. No extra items at all should be brought into the workshop.

Main Improvement Points for improvements Theme of Safety Seiton system for Jigs and Tools and Fixtures:

Of the five important improvement themes given above, we decided to take the most important the main theme improvements for safety and the sub-theme which will be necessary as soon as the main theme is put into action improvement for safety tools box (hand carried) and designed a concrete improvement plan.

Main concrete improvement points for safety Seiton system (steps) for jigs and tools and fixtures:

1) Confirm, by looking at the work order, which jigs and tools and fixtures are necessary for preparation and tool setting operations (even if the worker already knows what items are needed), take them from the Seiton storage cabinet, and assemble them in the safety tool box.
2) Put them into safety tool box in a safe direction, according to safety operations.
3) Carry the safety tool box by hand to the work table, arrange items within the boundaries of operational movements and begin tool setting and preparation operations.
4) Jigs and tools and fixtures which are constantly used will be taken out of the tools box at the side of the work table and arranged within the boundaries of operational movements, and preparation and tool setting operations will begin.

Main improvement points for safety tools box (hand carried):

1) Separate jigs and tools, and fixtures boxes, and cutting tools boxes according to improvement policy.
2) Arrange the division inside the tools box according to size and shape of tool. Also make sure that tool can be grasped easily and will not have to be passed from hand to hand.